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    Yankee Hill Free Float, Old Type

    Does anyone have any tips on removing the old type of Yankee Hill free float barrel nuts?

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    Little heat

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    I get the impression that you're not kidding.

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    Nope he's not kidding. A little heat will go a long way.
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    Are you talking about the barrel nut itself or the little jamnut that tightens up against the FF tube?

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    When I get home I'll post a pic of it but for now I'll try to describe it.
    The current YHM FF assembly does not look like this, nor does it use the YHM tool. It has a outer ring that screws to the upper and a inner ring that screws inside the outer ring. By use of set screws, the outer holds the inner, which holds the barrel in. The handguard attaches to the outer ring by set screws with a head, like a wood screw has, flat topped but with an Allen head.

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    And then I thought...pipe wrench.

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