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    So, who has powder in stock?

    Between Baton Rouge and New Orleans

    any of the below


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    La guns and reloading supply at 12728 Jefferson Highway had several pounds of WST late last week. They were out of WSF.
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    Max's Choice had some at the last Cajun Action match.

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    Sugarbug don't care.

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    Just hit bass pro... Had 5 pounds of green dot only.
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    Thanks for the replies. I got a couple of PM's that will meet my needs.

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    Anyone else know where some w231 or unique may be in stock? Missed my chance to check today but plan to look around tomm afternoon

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    Lafayette Shooter had 231 today for $25/lb.

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    I've been looking for some H322 and W296 for a month now........
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    Quote Originally Posted by peak98 View Post
    I've been looking for some H322 and W296 for a month now........
    W296 in stock. You will have to buy at least 5lbs to offset the HAZMAT fees,3685.html
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    If you do Facebook, become a "Friend" of Powder Valley. They usually do a low-key Facebook post when they get a big shipment of powder, primers, or bullets in.......they'll usually say something like "shipment of Alliant powders in, watch the site for updates."

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    i have some w296, benchmark in stock now. $27.00 lb.
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    i would like to buy 8lb jug of Auto Comp ...if anyone knows of some available..

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    I went to cabelas today. They had loads on Hodgdon Titegroup and H110. They had some Alliant as well as other IMR and Hodgdon stuff.

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    Decent selection of IMR powders in stock at Recobs Target Shop 11/1/2013.,69.html

    I bought 4lbs of Power Pistol and 1k wsp primers from them and HAZMAT charges were combined. Total of the order was $130.00.
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    I found Varget at Recob's. Got 8#!! Total with Haz Mat n shipping was $209!

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    Check the in stock only box.

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