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    Ferrara Firearms Inc. OPENING FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST!!

    Come and buy that gun that you want now!

    Ferrara Firearms will open its doors for the first time on Friday, November 1! Please come by and check us out. If there are any special guns that you are looking for, you can email us at sales@ferrarafirearms.com.

    We will also have ammo!

    Here is a price list for the current guns we have. We will be receiving much more this week, so stay tuned!

    Colt 1991 Government 45ACP 5"- $914.99

    Diamondback 380 2.8" 6+1-$349.99

    G19 G4 9mm 15+1 4" FS -$539

    G26 G3 9mm 10+1 3.5" FS- $499

    M&Pc Compact 9mm 3.5" 12+1 FS - $489

    Springfield 1911 Range Officer 45ACP 5" Full size grip-$829.99

    Ruger LCP 380ACP BL/Polymer 6+1 -$309.99

    Springfield XDM 9mm 4.5" 19+1 - $609.99

    G19 G3 9mm 15+1 4" FS- $499

    Ruger LC9 Blue 7+1 Crimson Trace- $499.99

    G17 G3 9mm 17+1 4.49" FS- $499

    Ruger LCP 380ACP BL 6+1 Lasermax- $354.99

    Mossberg 500 12/18.5 Syn Short stock 6shot- $299.99

    Mossberg 500 12/18.5 BL/SY Pistol grip kit 500 Persuader- $349.99

    M&PC 15-22 Tact 22lr 25rd Supp -$459.99

    G26 G4 9mm 10+1 3.46" FS- $539

    M&P40 Shield 40S&W 3.1" 7+1 FS- $409.99

    Bushmaster Carbon 15 ORC 223 16" LGT WGT RED DIT SIGHT- $724.99

    Mossberg 500 12/18.5 Flat dark earth/ multicam 500 Persuader- $389.99

    We are located at 1543 Delplaza Dr. Suite2 in Baton Rouge.

    Here are a few pics

    Also check us out on facebook!!

    Thank you!

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    Looking forward to visiting soon.

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    Is a trip to Baton Rouge coming up in the near future.

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    Awsome! I will visit soon
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    some nice pricing

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    Awesome! Good luck to you. I just might need a new belt in a few months.

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    Thank you for your support!
    We will also have our belts there too!!

    Hope to see y'all there��

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    Can you tell us what your store hours will be on Friday? Also, do you pan on being open during the weekends at all?
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    We will open at 12 on Friday. We do plan on being open on the weekends as well. Will let you know about Saturday and Sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
    Thank you for your support!
    We will also have our belts there too!!

    Hope to see y'all thereí ½í¸Š
    I've been wanting to post some pics of the holster y'all make i will jump right on that I wanna do all I can to spread the word for y'all.

    Can't wait to swing by the shop and show my support!

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    Ferrara Firearms Inc. OPENING FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST!!

    Hope all goes well for y'all.
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    Y'all guys going to have any .22 ammo?

    If so any pricing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtattoo79 View Post
    Of course I've shipped it back to Nick months and months ago to be fixed but never received anything back. He offered to make it right a couple times but never has. I have screen shots of every PM between us and they prove he owes me a holster and offered to make it right but never has. Kinda like a "secret city" deal to me.

    His holster is on the bottom. How do I get it on as a IWB??

    It was even made for the wrong gun.

    Again I want this made right or I want a reason why it wasn't made right that's all I'm looking for? I have sent many PMs and again got screen shots of Nick online during and after my PMs were sent. It make me very sick that this hasn't been made right after all these months.

    Nick you may feel free to call me a liar but you better think long and hard about each and every PM you sent me.
    I don't get on here much any longer, Ashley pointed this out to me. If you haven't received a replacement I'll send a G26/27 replacement out. Email me Nick@Ferraraleather.com, businesses are separate for legal and insurance reasons. We had some growing pains with leather, it took off not locally, but on a national level through OEM manufacture and I did get some things mixed up. I also have had horrible luck shipping in state packages. Going forward leather sales for in state will be through the store or through another dealer. Ferrara Leather will Sell to Ferrara Firearms. They have to and will remain separate. We made mistakes, and we paid for mistakes, and we learned from them. If you noticed I haven't pushed custom leather in a while, we are moving more into production leather gear, and we sell it across the country, often with another companies name on it made to their specifications.

    I'll be honest, I don't know names of who I am making stuff for, I just have a list of what needs to be made, my memory isn't good enough to remember who and what, and obviously, I made the mistake with the what on your request! I also have boxes of returns, I hold on to them just in case someone comes up saying they never got their item, but I think we got most of those figured out. We have a different mail carrier at our business location, I am going to try them out for shipping and see if they do any better being that they service multiple commercial accounts.

    Anyway, either way that makes you happy. The holster you wanted, the holster modified like discussed or money back, I am not here to screw people, and I will never claim to not make a mistake, but I do need to make things right. I won't lie, or call you a liar, it has been a hectic year for me and my family and we are getting things back on track.

    Oh, and some of those of me being online, I might have my computer open to BS.com, but not actually surfing it, or Ashley may have been on the account doing something, she checks for addresses and collects payments and ships stuff out. I often have 30 windows open between the different forums I sponsor, the 3 facebook pages, multiple email accounts and Dealer websites. I wish I could hang out and BS on BS like I use to, I just don't have the time. I do sneak a few minutes in here and there...

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    Will try to come by this weekend, been wanting to check out the belts.

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    Nick, I sent a E-mail and a PM to you. Please let me know if you didn't get them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtattoo79 View Post
    Nick, I sent a E-mail and a PM to you. Please let me know if you didn't get them?
    Might want to try contacting Ashley you know us guys have to be told what to do by our wives B-)

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    Will be going to the zoo in BR tomorrow, will pass tom afternoon and buy something.

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    Good deal. We resolved everything with Bigtatto79 via email, I never thought to come update this thread. We have seen lots of Bayoushooter members in the store!

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