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    Refinishing an H&R model 158 single shot

    I have one of these:

    It was my dad's first gun. He got it from a friend who was going to throw it away because it was busted. My dad sanded the stock and reblued it and what not.

    Well now it's in disarray. The foregrip is cracked and keeps falling off and the stock is cracked. The finish is worn on it as well.

    For christmas im ordering new stocks and having it professionally refinished and giving it back to my dad.

    What I need is a sponsor of the board or somebody who can refinish the gun. I'd like to see if I can get a durable matte nickel look to it. I'll settle for bead blasting and rebluing if the matte nickel can't be done.

    I checked with daniel at dmh for cobalting but he's not set up for long guns.

    So help me out guys.

    *disclaimer* I fully understand i'm going to put more money into this gun than it's worth. It's for my pops and it's going to make him happy.

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    Bump, nobody has a suggestion for a refinisher?

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    Well jmcrawf1, I don't know if u have refinished ur fathers topper model 158 yet, however I can get u an old topper model 158 w/ original furniture, th snap on forarm and an uncracked butt stock, can't help w/ that nickel finish, however if u wanted original parts, maybe. This one has 5 digits in serial, and is 30-30win. H&R said it predated thier records and I'd have to check w/ thier historians dept. to find out when it was actually made. if this would help u I'm sure my friend would let it go. Then again I may be to late since ur search was in 2009, and I'm not exactly putor savi to this new stuff. Mad Dog.

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