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    What does Recoil Spring Weight Do.

    I was thinking about buying a new Recoil spring and rod for my gun. what do the different weight springs do? It says my glock uses a 17 pound spring but they also sell a 20 and 22 pound spring. what the the higher weight spring do?

    sorry if this is a stupid question. I'd just like to know everything about it before I stupidly spend my money on something I can't use or will dislike.
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    From what I have "heard" I believe that a heavier recoil spring doesn't allow the slide to slide back as far while firing. This does reduce recoil and reduces the weight traveling as far to the back which keeps the weapon more balanced. The drawback is that you are more prone to ejection problems and short stroking.

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    the only thing I'd touch on a Glock is the mag release and the slide release, just personal preference there

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    You can keep the plastic setup you have now. There is a metal rod you can insert into the hollow of the guide rod. I did it on my duty weapon. I liked it. It helped tame the recoil a bit. Nothing major, but shooting it next to a stock G17 you could feel a difference when firing. I think it just took the flex out of the plastic rod and allowed the spring to work.

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    Springs should primarily be used to adjust your pistol to custom ammo loads. Lighter target loads need a lighter spring to cycle properly, and hot loads need heavier springs. If you're shooting basic factory ammo, stick with stock.

    I'm not totally against solid guide rods, as the concept makes sense. Whether it helps or doesn't hurt so why not try it? Just stick with the stock spring weight.

    I installed a guide rod and heavier recoil spring on my XD. I hated it. The heavier spring increased muzzle flip and twist during recoil. I kept the guide rod because if nothing else it looks great and works fine, but ditched the heavy spring.

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    Like SpeedRacer said , if you are shooting only factory loads stick with your stock 17 lb. spring. If you reload go with what the gun works with.
    Check with Glock to see how often they recommend changing your springs and follow their suggestions.
    Buy yourself a extra 17lb. spring , you can get them for $8.00 from Brownells. Its always nice to have a spare plus you can use it as a gage to check for wear or set. If it gets too bad throw the new spring in your Glock and order a new spare. Its better than beating the crap out of your gun.
    I shoot mostly 1911s and have a Kimber that has never fired a round of factory ammo. This gun has about 90,000 rounds through it . I've used 10lb. springs with softball target loads and I've used 24lb. springs for heavy bowling pin loads (255gr. lead flat nose .45colt bullet in a .45 acp. This WILL knock the piss out of a bowling pin. LOL). Its all about what works.
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    Well. I bought a 15 lbs and a new factory 17 lbs spring to go along with the tungsten rod. I'll try them out and give you guys a report on it. It was only 8 bucks. I like to test it out even though I'm told one way or the other.
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