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Thread: H&R Trigger Job

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    God of Thunder bayoupirate's Avatar

    H&R Trigger Job

    Before I start tearing this thing apart and experimenting.

    Can anyone tell me how to reduce the weight on an H&R Hand-Rifle?

    Appreciate any help.
    'You treat your body like a temple, I treat mine like a tent' - J.B.

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    I just brought my brother in laws 410 shotgun to Nicks and he said the trigger springs where way over sprung. I do not know what he did to it but he lightened it up a good bit by messing with the springs.

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    God of Thunder bayoupirate's Avatar

    Any other experiences out there?
    'You treat your body like a temple, I treat mine like a tent' - J.B.

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    I'm waiting to hear some ideas also. I have a Bull-Barreled NEF .308 that could use some trigger work. (It's not bad, but could be bettter)

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    Polish all the mating surfaces that bear on one another. Remove about a half coil off the hammer spring. You will need some slave pins to get it back together, they are a bitch.

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