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    **SOLD** Wts: Fn/browning Model 10/71 pistol -new, new price (4/13)-

    This FN/BROWNING MODEL 10/71 is in excellent condition. Check the photos for one blemish on the slide.

    Description from blue book:.380 ACP cal., 4 1/2 in. barrel, modified version of Model 1922 (10/22)in .380 ACP cal., grip safety, includes target sights and grips in addition to incorporating a magazine finger tip extension designed to comply with GCA of 1968. Sold in U.S. by BAC 1970-1974 as the "Standard .380," still mfg. by FN as Model 125.

    $400 $350 $300 and always open to offers. please use PM's for questions, etc...

    FTF Metairie area or Gretna area

    See scratch between ejection port and front sight

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    Bump for one beautiful gun.

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    btt, thanks for looking

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    bump and price reduction

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    Spectacular example
    Rogers standing order #2:
    "Have your musket clean as a whistle, hatchet scoured, sixty rounds of powder and ball, and be ready to march at a moments notice."

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    "Nous sommes touts Sauvages"

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    bump for price reduction

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    like the browning price is good hope you get message and contact my for a good deal mcardle3@earthlink.net thanks

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    "It's no big deal,...."

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    PM Sent. Thank you.

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