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Thread: RPK74 parts kit

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    RPK74 parts kit

    Comes with everything you see here. (Gun related... You ain't getting my riding boots nor my shower shoes!)

    Thing's matching numbers and CHERRY mint. Bolt seems to have never held a round!

    I've got too many parts kits/projects.

    $850 + actual shipping. Trades considered.
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    This is a sweet kit.
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    One time price reduction to $775

    If it doesn't sell I'll just get Will to build it up for me and sell it like that on Gunbroker or something...
    (At a coresponding higher price)

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    Do you have receiver for this part kit?
    Is the rpk-74 kit still available?
    What payment will you like?

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    I've got another (Actually 2, but one is mine)

    And a 'unobtanium' NDS reciever.

    Hadn't thought about selling it, but it's just sitting in the back of the closet in the spair bedroom...

    If I do it won't be so cheap.

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    Would you please let me know the price? I just came back from Taiwan.
    Richard Hu

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    PM inbound.
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