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    **SOLD** WTS/WTT Winchester Model 12 Heavy Duck 3 Inch

    **SOLD** Winchester Model 12 Shotgun. Heavy Duck 3 inch chamber. Full choke 30 inch solid rib barrel. Metal has a DuraCoat finish. Stock has minor crack repair and has been refinished. Serial number indicates 1956 manufacture. Gun is tight and locks up nicely. $450 or best offer. Trades welcome. Not looking for anything specific. Just don't need this, and decided to let someone else enjoy it. Face to face in the Lafayette area please.

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    Very Nice!!
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    Any specific trades?

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    Still for sale.

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    VERY NICE. I'm not sure if they're still as collectable as they were a few years ago - but, this looks like it would be a good one to hang on to. Also, model 12's used to be considered a very desirable trap platform. Wish I had the funds but, more toys than I can handle right now. Hope this one sells quick - someone needs to enjoy this one. I used to have a model 12 in 16 ga. that I hunted for many years.
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