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    Cynical Old Codger nortac's Avatar

    Spotting scope stand for F class shooting

    Where can I get a spotting scope stand with the single vertical pole as opposed to a tripod? I need it to be stable enough for an 80mm spotter. I have a good tripod and a cheap "table top" tripod, the latter is not stable enough.
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    Not Easily Impressed RStewart's Avatar
    I have a Freelander you can have for $100. PM me is interested and I'll send you a picture tomorrow.

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    SSST Mad Scientist Ritten's Avatar
    I'd suggest a Ray-vin, but chaser2020 brought it up that they are retiring and no longer making stands. I just checked their website and sure enough.....nothing but parts left.

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    Marksman BigNick73's Avatar
    I have this one i have, haven't had a chance to use it yet


    Pretty sure that Freelander is probably a better stand.

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    REVOLVER DRIVER smith625's Avatar
    Try champions choice they have them as well.
    The difficult i can do right away, the impossible may take a little longer.

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    D.R. 1827; HM; P100x3 dzelenka's Avatar
    I have a creedmoor tripod with a cordura case that I would sell for $150. New it goes for $220. PM me and I will give you more details.


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    Cynical Old Codger nortac's Avatar
    Thanks for the input. It's difficult to really tell the different attributes of each stand based on the small pictures on the websites. I will probably need to see them in use at a match in the near future to see what appeals to me. I hope to make the Sunday at Palo Alto next month just to observe and hopefully shoot for the first time in Nov.

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    Not Easily Impressed RStewart's Avatar
    I was asked to post a picture of a couple of stands-

    The one on the left is a Freelander and the one on the right is a Ray-Vin.
    I bought the Freelander first for F-Class, but when I started shooting XTC for a while I wanted the versatility of the one-hand Ray-Vin handle. The Freelander has a universal swivel head and adjustable legs.
    The Ray-Vin has the one handle that does everything.
    For reference on size, The Ray-Vin has my 20-60x80 Spotting scoipe on it.
    So, that's the primary difference in appearance between a Freelander and a Ray-Vin.

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