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    1965 FN - Browning A5 12 GA Shotgun

    I have an F.N. (Fabrique Nationale) A-5 - 12 Gauge Shotgun with a modified choke. It is all Belgian. It has very slight rust, no pitting. The stock and foregrip are like brand new. I went to the gun show in kenner this past weekend and no one would geive me squat for it.Seems like they all wanted the 20 GA. I want to sell or swap for a good 9mm. i will eventually post pics of it. Any ideas as to value? Thanks.

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    Mike shoalsfugro's Avatar and will give you base for estimates based on condition 300-900 the belgian fetch a bit more. You can also do a search on Bayoushooter for past sales. When you get ready to sell or trade put the listing in the classified section post pic, location and price or want to trade. A5 is a fine shotgun. Welcome to BS.
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    Shoalsfugro: Thanks for the info and the welcome. I look forward to checking out this site.

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    Yep, but mine is aged and worn, but still decent condition, needs to be re-blued, but I was told better not to re-blue it. Thanks for the pics.

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    Don't touch it! Leave it for the new Owner to decide. A serious Browning Collector will want it in it's current condition. Good luck.
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    Has it been underwater? My brother who lived in Chalmette had one that got drowned in Katrina . They would not go back in the house after flood . 1st flood was 1965 Besty, but that was only a foot of water . It went over the house in 2005. They started keeping house in Metry after that. Is it for sale?If so how much?

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