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    Ladies Shooting Gloves

    Trying to find handgun shooting gloves for the GF. Just about everything I can find online is in mens sizes. Looking for fingerless and not afraid of spending a little $ for quality. Anyone have a suggestion?


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    My wife has some gloves from Hatch, got them at a police supply store. Women's gloves are hard to find for "guy" type activities, but if she can wear a men's small or extra small she should find some. If not, golf gloves should be pretty available, just have to buy two.

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    Bought my wife some Pearl Izumi gel gloves. They are gel palm and crook of thumb. They are made for cyclists and are fingerless. Got them at the Schwinn place at Airline and Florida. $30.
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    Are you looking for those sap-type "heavy" gloves that claim to attenuate recoil? Or just something to protect her hands from grip checkering, etc.?

    If the former, sorry, no clue.

    If the latter, regular golf gloves will do the trick... with or without fingers.



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    i bought myself some cyclist gloves and they do the trick

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