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    Sellier and Bellot Buckshot any good? Added Question

    Has anyone used Sellier and Bellot 12 ga 2 3/4" 00 Buck? anything bad about it? I saw that it is dirt cheap online, and was going to buy a couple hundred rounds to stock up, but dont want to waste my money.


    Has anyone ever used any of these?
    12 Gauge RIO Low Recoil 00 Buck Shot 9 pellet
    12 Gauge RIO High Power 00 Buckshot 9 pellet
    12 gauge Centurion 2 x .650 round Ball 2.75 inch 1200 FPS

    I will not be hunting with these, just shoot a few at the range to supplement the birdshot out of the Saiga, and to have some on hand for HD purposes. They seem to be pretty inexpensive, but have decent reviews.

    Anyone having issues with reduced recoil shells cycling in a a semi-auto?
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    Real good I buy by case. great stuff and prices. Cabelas get real good deals at times.

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    Well, the website had it priced at $3.21 for a 10 rd box, but when I tried to order, they went up to $6.21 a box. I called and they told me that the link was to an old model # that had been discontinued.

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    I have used these exclusively in my 3gun matches when buckshot was called for. They worked really well in both my 1100 and Benelli, however we shoot steel And paper, not flesh, unknown what they will do on game. Attractive deal when offered by the case.
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    Bump, I added a few new shell options to the OP to see if anyone has any feedback.

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    should be ok now.

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    Range use will not matter much, but the Federal Flight Control Buck Shot patterns noticeably tighter than others from most guns. I would use this for HD use.
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