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    Review of the Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357/.38 / 9mm convertible

    I just picked up a Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357/ .38 special / 9mm convertible. My first impressions are great. Shooting the .38 and 9mm have low felt recoil. Point of aim out of the box is a little off, but its raining, so I will make adjustments asap when its not raining. I have large hands, so the grip could be a little more comfortable, but a Hogue grip should fix that easily. I didn't shoot at paper, so I have no groups to speak of, but I'll post up some later on. Thus far, I see it as a great purchase and something I should be able to shoot a lot due to it being capable of shooting 3 calibers.
    Will post up a couple pics later on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSP972 View Post
    Don't be surprised if it doesn't group well with the 9mm cylinder and factory 9mm ammunition.

    Two friends of mine who have the "old" combo reload 9mm cast bullets sized to .358" (9mm nominal diameter is .355", which means the bullet is not grabbed firmly by the rifling) to get accuracy from that caliber equal to that from .38 Special/.357 rounds.
    ^^This^^ That little .002" makes a huge difference.
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    Yeah, I was wondering about how that would work out. I reload and a friend of mine casts bullets. Thats one reason I bought it, I can play around with loads.
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    I would think it is an excellent survival gun due to the variety of ammo it can shoot should the "day after" the SHTF senario ever arrive.


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