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    Whats a good range pistol in 9mm?

    I'm wanting to buy a pistol just to plink with at the range in 9mm. I've got .22,.380, .40, .45, .38, and .357 but have somehow neglected to ever buy a 9mm. Whats a good pistol to buy for just shooting and having a good time. I'm thinking glock 19 but I'm not fond of the boxy look and feel. Any ideas?

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    Glock 17 or 34
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    Ruger P Series.
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    Sig 2022


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    Glock 19 or 17
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    For target shooting there really is no reason to get anything compact, and for that matter anything lightweight. A big, heavy pistol will be easier to shoot and have less felt recoil.

    If I were going to buy a range gun in 9mm, I think it would have to be a CZ 75.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadslugga View Post
    If I were going to buy a range gun in 9mm, I think it would have to be a CZ 75.
    This is what I would have said.

    You may also want to look into Bersa or Taurus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homeslice View Post
    Ruger P Series.
    +1 LOVE my P-89! Never had a malfunction of any type. It's comfortable to shoot with the Hogue wrap-around grips, and lots of fun with the high-cap mags!!! Looking to pick up a P-95 soon, since it takes the same mags.

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    STI Trojan in 9mm
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    Awesome deal on a Ruger P-85 if you're in the market for something used: http://www.wideners.com/itemdetail.c...m_id=100000167
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    Ruger P-series...

    No need to spend a lot on something that will just be a "range toy"
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    In the $1200 range with holster, mag. pouch and 5 magazines STI Trojan.
    In the $700 range with same M&P Pro, XDM, G34.
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    Glock 19

    Browning Hi Power

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    Used Glock 17 in the $450 range.

    It like to tinker with range-only pistols. You can buy aftermarket stuff 'till the cows come home for a Glock and there's more how-to videos and information on the internet than you could read in a lifetime.

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    Taurus 24/7 under $300 from Buds.

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    I've got the 24/7 in .40. I guess a matching set would be kinda cool. I'm kinda looking for an SA/DA trigger. The long trigger pull on the 24/7 on followup shots is the only complaint I have. A buddy had the p89, I always kinda liked it. Keep the ideas coming though.

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    Old school?
    Browning Hi-Power

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    glock 17 or M&P 9 pro
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    I see where Academy has the Sig 2022 Basic 9mm on for 399. I've always heard good things about sig, but the word Basic kinda makes me leary. Any comments?

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