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    Question Fingerprint cards for LA CCW Permit

    Hey guys,
    This weekend I completed a CCW Permit course. Unfortunately, none of us got fingerprinted as the instructor did not have fingerprint cards; the LA State Police did not respond to his multiple phone calls/faxes/emails requesting the cards. All 60 of us signed a request Saturday asking for a fingerprint card to be sent to our address; he faxed these Monday, but I've yet to receive my fingerprint cards. I've sent an email to the address on the LA State Police website asking whether I have to get the card from them or can use simply use a card from local police. The email was returned w/ the message, "there is no such user" Can anyone confirm, without a doubt, that I can use a fingerprint card from the local police or do I HAVE to use one provided by the LA State Police? I'm having to do all of this because FL non-resident CCW Permit will no longer be recognized by LA in August. I have no choice but get a LA CCW Permit, yet the state bureaucracy won't respond, despite multiple attempts.
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    I use the LA State police to do the fingerprinting. They'll do it for you at their HQ when you turn in the CCW application. The LSP reserve the right to refuse any finger print card that doesn't meet their standards. From what I've been led to believe unless you have them do it, it's a crap shoot as to their accepting it or not. Yes, they card to do the prints. I don't remember how much right now.

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    You can go to any local police department or Sheriff's office and have them do the prints.

    Denham Springs Police did mine for my permit. No issues.

    The State Police charge $10. If you have them do it when you turn in your paperwork, have a separate money order for $10.
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    I did mine at LSP. I got it within a month. It cost 10 dollars and you need to have a separate money order or cashiers check like Leadfoot said. Also, check they list the requirement on the website. They do reject other fingerprint cards so its best to just take a trip if possible. It also cuts the wait time down.
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    I did mine at my local Sheriff's office. No charge, just make sure they can do a digital print and print the card out for you, they don't accept inked cards anymore.
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    i did mine at the local court house.

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    You don't have location on your profile so we don't know if going to LSP HQ. is an option for you. However, if you are close to BR, than the best way is to take it to LSP and have them do the card when you turn in your package. They make sure everything is in order and will do the fingerprint cards on the spot. Just takes a few minutes. Had a set done there for the FFL license and it was fast, easy and they give you lotion for hands, says it makes the prints come out better, who knew.


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    Don't go to LSP HQ during or around lunch or you'll be doing dinner there!
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    i did mine at the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's office.. they wont use the LSPs finger print card.. the officer signed my photos while i was there too..

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    There are two distinct benefits of having your CHP fingerprints done at LSP and turning your package in there: They do them digitally, so there is nothing wrong with them and they won't be rejected, resulting in another month or so delay in issuing your CHP; and, the clerk in the CHP office will go over your application and tell you right then and there if there is something wrong with it. Doing this could save you a lot of time.
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    Besides the LSP HQ, if you are in the BR area, where else can you go for fingerprints?

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    You can get them done at any sheriff office but there is currently a 40-45% rejection rate unless they are done digitally and submitted directly to LSP electronically. The LSP CCW section Sargent told us that at the meeting we attended last year. The electronic system is being implemented but I don't know the progress. Just go to LSP in Baton Rouge if you can for now.
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    Due to the rejection rate they "recommend" for you to send 2 cards if you are doing the old style, which will increase the chances of the scanner beaing able to read at least one of your cards in case the other one has any mistakes on it.

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    I have not heard anything about the rejection rate. That must be new I guess. To the LSP HQ I go then.

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    Oh Ok. I just joined the forum so I have not had time to look over all the topics. There are a few. As for finger prints, I guess I have been in a rejection free bubble. HA. Everyone I know where I am as never had that problem and that is about 20 people. They all did it the old fashion way. But now that I have said this, someone I know is going to be rejected.

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    Thanks for the info

    Hey guys,
    Thanks a lot. I failed to mention I live in Springhill, the far northwest corner of the state. Unfortunately, a trip to BR in the near future is highly unlikely..... Although I'd already read both the LSP website and the application packet numerous times, I looked at the LSP website again. At the Concealed Carry Section, Original/First-Time Applicants, it does say fingerprinting can be done at local police, sheriff's office or LSP, as long as FBI fingerprint card is used. Don't know how I missed that earlier. I like the suggestion of submitting two fingerprint cards w/ the application packet in case one is rejected. I'll go ahead and get printed by local police next week and get it all in the mail. If I get rejected, I guess I can then reconsider a trip to BR and the LSP HQ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScoutShooter View Post
    I have not heard anything about the rejection rate. That must be new I guess. To the LSP HQ I go then.
    The high rejection rate for ink prints was mentioned in the CHP refresher class I took last week at Precision.
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    Butthole charlie12's Avatar
    Is it true that you don't want you CHP to expire or you'll have to do the prints over too?
    My cousin did my prints for me years ago for me at the old downtown jail in BR.
    I've renewed three times since then.
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    Low Speed High Drag Leadfoot's Avatar
    Folks, MOST law enforcement agencies these days, unless they are a 5 man department in the woods use the AFIS digital fingerprint system. If you have your prints taken on this system, the computer will reject unusable prints before they are ever printed on the card.

    If your local agency uses the AFIS system, rest assured that there will be no issue with your fingerprints being rejected. However, if your local agency is too small and does not use AFIS, consider going to another larger agency nearby that does.
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    LA CHP Training and more geauxshootin's Avatar
    The rejection rate on inked cards is not usually caused by the prints being done incorrectly. The inked cards usually sit in a car then the house and eventually in the US Mail. While sitting in the hot humid Louisiana climate, the inked print bleeds in the paper.
    I actually did my CHP with inked prints, but recommend that they be done electronically.
    There has been a project putting electronic capability in every parish that started about the end of last summer.

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