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    Weatherby Mark V Fibermark .257 Mag and Accessories

    For sale: Weatherby Fibermark in .257 Wby. Magnum, comes from the Factory with black Fiberglass stock, bedded action, Krieger Criterion 26" barrel. This gun has only 30 rounds down the pipe, is in 99.9% excellent cond., ( Safe Queen ) has not been hunted with. Included with purchase; 1 set of Leupold matte bases, 1 set of RCBS full length reloading dies, 10 rounds of factory ammo 110 gr. Nosler Accubonds, and 30 rounds of sized and primed brass. Price $1000.00 ( these guns go for $1299.00-$1399.00 new ) for FTF in Slidell-Lacombe area, or an additional $25.00 for shipping to your FFL guy, Call Glenn at 985-788-1335 or send me a PM here. Thanks...
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    Can also throw in an additional 20 rounds, primed, and resized, from some once fired .270 WBY Mag. brass. Thats 50 rounds ready to reload, 10 rounds factory 110 Accubonds.
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    Wish i was Shooting

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    post some pics or the mods will remove this thread
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    Here is a factory pic ,, I'll try to get actual pic loaded up today, thanks....
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