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    TRADED: Laseraim Series IV .45acp - rare


    After the demise of Wyoming Arms back in the day, their *Parker* design was bought by a budding company from Little Rock called Laseraim Arms. The Laser aim .45acp and 10mm were all fancied up variants of the Parker. I think there were 4 models made but it could be 5...

    This one is a Laseraim Series IV and was in production from 1996-1999 if I’m not mistaken, and they are very scarce. The inner guts of this pistol are very similar to 1911 parts and replacement parts can be standard 1911 parts, although you’ll notice it’s just not a 1911 at all. This pistol is single action only. There is an ambidextrous slide mounted hammer block safety, and obviously there is no palm/grip safety.

    The pistol comes with the original factory magazine… it accepts standard 1911 magazines. It also comes with the original laser sight with pressure switch. The sight works perfectly but I don’t have a battery for it at this time… but I will say that this sight puts off a huge red dot, way more prominent of a dot than the more modern lasers.

    I have had the extractor replaced and a ramp/chamber polish very recently, and it has only had a few mags through it since that work was done. Total round count is around 1500 or so. This is hands down one of the smoothest and most accurate pistol I have ever fired… it’s built for speed and accuracy and it handles as good as it looks.

    I am not looking to sell for cash…. I mainly just need a new daily carry .45

    I am in the market for a nice commander, cbob, or govt 1911 or a Sig P220. If I can’t find the right trade then I’ll probably just kill the thread, because I can’t honestly say that I want to get rid of this one. This pistol is in very good condition and I am looking for one in similar condition.

    Pm me here or you can email

    Thank you for looking, let me know what you have for me!

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    Trade pending

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