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    *Saiga .223 SPF* - Kel tec P11 14rd extended mag $260

    Here are two excellent firearms that have served me well. Selling both to pursue other firearms. First PM saying "I'll take it" that can pick it up in a reasonable time frame (7 days) gets it. I can do FTF in Lafayette, Slidell, Baton Rouge, or possible New Orleans. Mainly in Lafayette, but do travel to all four areas every week.

    Saiga .223 Converted - $600 - : Comes with 4 Bulgarian circle 10 mags (each worth about $30) Never had any malfunction at all, iron sights are dead on at 100 yds, Quad rail has covers, shoots very smooth. Chambered in a round you should always be able to find! I do have a BSA holographic red dot optic for an additional $40 if you are interested.


    photo (5).jpg

    photo (3).JPG

    photo (2).JPG

    Kel tec P-11 14 rd mag - $260 - Very accurate (no problem hitting 6" steel plate at 25 yds), feeds reliably. In the pictures you will see the allen screws for the frame pins (from belt clip), I have since replaced these with two Kel Tec factory pins.

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    pm sent.
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    Both still available

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    I've fired this AK and a buyer would NOT be disappointed!

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    In response to the many PM questions.... I would only consider trades on an AR-15 (send me specific make/model) or POSSIBLY a Beretta 92. If you are interested in trading either please send me pics and descriptions of how many rounds fired etc. Thanks for looking!

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    On Target


    Bump, still available. Looking for cash or possible AR stripped lower or complete lower trade.

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    PM sentr

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    On Target

    Have offers on both guns that will not come through for a few days to a week. If you want either gun you better get on it and bring full asking price in cash. Thanks for looking ya'll!

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    man i want this

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