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Any thoughts about how this may be a good or bad system to use?

Any time the 'instructor' doesn't use proper trigger finger placement I'd have to call the system he's teaching into question... If he can't follow one of the most basic rules for firearm safety (Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire) then how is he supposed to safely teach advanced methods of combat hand gunning, and just how safe are his techniques?

The main thing (besides the improper trigger finger positioning) I'd have to point out is in a worse case scenario you aren't going to be sitting there with your gun up high pointed at the perp. In a high stress situation you are expected to rapidly draw your weapon, place it against your chest, and open fire accurately and safely? Maybe I'm just not understanding this concept, but everything about it screams 'mall ninja'.

Seems like an excellent way to shoot yourself in a firefight.

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I guess i should have explained what CAR is. Some sort of "tactical" shooting style that is supposed to help the shooter focus on the front sight. As well as not presenting the weapon for a threat to grab. (?) It also is another form of shooting from retention. I have spoken with other shooters, who have different opinions as well. I have given the "high" method a try. As opposed to what I use now. Not much difference in time but it sure is a little hairy watching that slide cycle that close to your face.

Here is the Head of Sabre Tactical demonstrating his technique. Watch how the slide impacts his chest and causes an unexpexted failure. This is why I'm not too keen on it.

No expert here, but even though this guy seems very proficient I'd have to question if he wears safety glasses 24/7. When I was a kid I was shooting a .22lr and a piece of debris somehow hit me in the eye (yes I know I shoulda had safety glasses). I wouldn't be too comfortable shooting a handgun that close to my face.

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Then you're gonna just love this:

I laughed... I'm not sure what exactly the roll is suppose to accomplish? Seems to me its wasting valuable time. Personally if I'm shooting at someone I'd like nothing better then for them to stop firing at me and start rolling forwards or backwards. Its not going to make my target much more difficult, especially when you add in the factor that since I have a break from bullets flying towards me I can place my shots.