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    what range would be ideal for zero 300 blackout?

    would like to know what guys are zeroing this platform at. I plan to use it for hunting also this year. Nothing crazy far 250m max for area. My gun in particular has 16 inch barrel. Useing 300 whisper with 110 grain VMAX right now until more variaty is available. I'm military and am looking for something along the lines of the 25m zero 300 zero kinda to wrap my brain around. I know man size target due to torso legnth you have more forgiving target but for animal that I do care if takes 30 minutes to bleed out from gut shot would like to get alittle closer. Also I know subsonic is going to be way less range but is there a range that you could still be effective with same zero for subsonic? Would it be close at say 75meters or what distance if any or re-zero just a must? Thanks!

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    They don't have published ballistic charts? (Too busy to Google them, but I'm curious nonetheless.)
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    I had some info on it but wife confused it with my crazy gun trash I leave all over and threw it away.....I'll look it up again just figured I'd ask here real quick as I like to see what others are doing.

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    well Hellow Mr Military, Im retired military, Weapons specilist, AFSC 46370 , love to hear that their are some people just like me still being made in america, Sherbrune is very nice, get their early and their are almost no people,
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    AAC says the supersonic ballistics matches 7.62commie but they don't get anymore specific than that.

    page 16 has 9" trajectgories

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