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    FS: Savage Stevens Model 511

    Savage Arms
    Stevens Model 511 Series SA
    12 gauge
    Wood furniture was refinished today. The metal work is good, some signs of use. This shotgun has been owned by my grandfather for 25+ years and i've shot a hundred rounds through it. Plenty of kick and you can fire both rounds at the same time. There is one person whom has buying rights, but if they waive the purchase it will go to the public.
    $250 FTF

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    I PM'd ya.

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    Those are tough old shotguns...I have a 311-A...Good Deal for someone...!!
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    if this gun survived my 84 year old grandpa, it is indeed a strong gun, lol... primary deal pending, secondary is reserved

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    PM sent.
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    all replied, i will have more guns for sale in the next couple of weeks including two more 12 gauge shotguns

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    Your inbox is full. I'm gonna pass on the shotgun, too many irons in the fire sorta thing. The ammo's your still.


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    second transaction pending.. if Friday it doesn't get sold, i will PM #3..

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