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    Lee Undersize 40 S&W dies

    Hey Folks,

    We just got in some of the Lee undersize 40 S&W from EGW. These are used to get the bulge out of rounds that have been fired from Glocks. Use them as any other die, they are cut down to get futher down the brass allowing you to get the "bulge" out. This way you can use this brass an anyother firearm. I and several others have been using these dies for years and it is a great alternative to having your brass rolled sized.


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    LEE FCD Pass Thru sizing

    Not trying to cheat you out of any sales but...
    I have been using lots of used brass (40S&W / 10mm / 45ACP) from different sources, traded, purchased and even gifted. Why? Standard sizing dies do not resize the areas below the radius of the die mouth or carbide ring. Oh this only works on casings that are the same extractor rim as the casing body...

    I clean these in the tumbler to remove most of the debris then size using the LEE FCD with it's guts removed.

    This die needs to be as far to the top of the press stroke for best leverage but still allow the casing to pass completely thru the carbide sizer ring, it will remain inside the die body till the next few cases push it out the top of the die body.

    I use a bullet push-pin from a 40 cal/10mm LEE bullet sizer kit in place of the shell holder on the ram to push on the casing's head.

    It is small enough to go inside the the sizing die and strong enough and large enough surface to apply the force to push the brass up and thru the carbide ring.

    While this is adding an extra step it gives me a chance to further inspect the casings, especially 40S&W and 10mm as these are high pressure cartridges. Slight bulges or OK but "Smiled" brass is trash! "Smiled" brass has started to shear and can not be ironed back into place

    Doing the pass thru uniforms the casing completely even the extractor rims to nice concentric round rim.

    I was pass thru sizing some 45 ACP to condition them for the loading process and found the Speer and CCI cases are different from all other manufactures brass. The Speer and CCI cases show a bright ring just in front of the extractor cut and also the extractor rim itself as the carbide ring is squeezing this down to a uniform size of the carbide ring! Dimentionally it must be slightly larger in diameter than all of the other makes of brass with a few others that are almost as that size. If you do pass thru sizing you will feel exactly what I experienced.

    One thing I can say is that once these brass have been processed with the Pass-Thru-Sizer system they will fit cartridge case gauges where as I have seen conventional sizing dies not remove all case expansion enough to drop freely in and out of the cartridge case gauges.

    Hope this explanation provides some insight to Pass-Thru-Sizing and its benifits!
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    .40 brass fired from a Glock seems to be the only brass I ever have issue with.

    Just get this die from EGW, which I did, BECAUSE BRYAN DIDN'T HAVE ANY IN STOCK AT THE TIME, and forget about it.
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    Hey Guys,

    If you want, you can come by my house and look at my set up. I (Brandon mostly) have been using the Lee undersize die for about 4 years and it works. It's not an extra step, I have it on my Dillon RL-550 and use it instead of the Dillon re-sizing die. Sorry I didn't have one in stock when you want one S.D. but I got them now. I can also get them in 9mm and 45 acp but we have not had the problems with these rounds as with the 40 S&W brass.


    Bryan Guillory
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