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    Keltec PF9 "Fluff" and "Buff"

    I took my new hard Chrome slide PF9 to the range today and put 100 rounds of Winchester White Box through it. I had two magazines. Had at least one failure to fire/loading jam for each full clip until the last two clips. Is there anyone in the New Orleans metro area who would do a "fluff" and "buff" on it for me. Doesn't have to be a professional. There are videos on YouTube on it, but I don't want to mess it up. I could send it back to Keltec under warranty, but would rather not go through the time and trouble. Much to my surprise, I found it a pleasure to shoot, especially acre hearing so many negatives about trigger slap and excessive recoil. The jams were aggravating and disconcerting however. From what I remember, the "fluff" and "buff" involves polishing the feed ramp and adjusting the extractor. Thanks

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    I think after you put a couple hundred Rounds through it it will function fine. I think they require a break in like kahrs do. I have been fortunate and have not had any malfunctions with the few I've owned from round 1.

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    Ive got two. My wife's functioned flawlessly from round 1 (prolly 450 or so total now). Mine had issues from day one. After polishing, it still FTF'd once a mag. Sent slide and bbl back, both where replaced due to improper machining. Came back and worked fine for 250 or so rounds (count now up to 600ish). Carried awhile and went shoot a new ammo in it. One FTF per mag again, even with same stuff it worked fine with! Back to momma she went. Came back again with another new bbl and slide and some new lower parts. Finally, about 500 rounds since and it works flawlessly.

    There's my short story. I must say that KT's customer service is great. Oh, they paid shipping both ways for both trips.

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    Sounds like you might ought to send it to KT and let them take a look. Good luck
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    Send it in to KT.

    They're still struggling with meeting production demands and quality control suffers.

    Their after sales support is among the best in the business.

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    +1 on putting 200 rounds through it. they are decent little guns for the price, but do require a little more attention, at least initially. I had a couple minor issues with mine but after approx 200 rounds, nothing. and I wouldn't worry too much about messing it up. If I remember right, the fluff and buff doesn't really have you doing anything much that could really damage it if not done 100%. I think if you are competent enough to strip and clean it, you could do it yourself. Also, due to its weight, or lack thereof, the manufacturer actually warns against limp-wristing it. Have you been on KTOG?

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    I would definitely put more rounds through it before contacting KT. (They'd be wise to tell you to do that themselves before sending you a return box.)

    100 rounds is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things-- and if there are rough spots or some "break in"/mating areas, you've probably just started to make the first dent.
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    My pf-9 was flawless with magazines after the first 100 or so, it probably wouldn't have worked very well with clips though. Kel tec does have a break in period on their firearms, or at least mine did when I bought them, stated it in the manual. I'd take it back out and shoot it, or join Those folks are a wealth of knowledge on these little guns.
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    Could be do because you used clips instead of magazines, .....
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    +1 on putting more rds thru it first. A Fluff and Buff is easy, can't do much to screw it up. Also visit for more info.

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    i had some issues with my p32, then i cleaned and lubed it(its no xd or glock after all!) it shot fine after that, but the fluff and buff(simple simple, cant mess it up) it was much smoother, and easier to clean.

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    When I got a Ruger LCP, I put about 150 rounds through it at the range. For the first 50 or so rounds, I had some sort of malfunction every single magazine. After the first 50, I had no problems at all since then.

    My guess is the same as people here, its probably just a break-in period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guate_shooter View Post
    Could be do because you used clips instead of magazines, .....

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    Thanks for all the advice. Does anyone know if a homemade fluff and buff voids the warranty? Sometimes I just want to shuck the clips and the magazines and go back to one of my tried and true revolvers with a speed loader. I have yet to have my thumb hurt from loading a revolver or a speed loader. Hell, the only pistol I own with a tactical rail or any rail for that matter is the Keltec PF9. I don't own a single scope either.My handle isn't sixgundunn for nothing.

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    Marksman MOTOR51's Avatar has an app for iPhones that is full off info. There are also really knowledgeable people on there who can assist you with anything related to all models of keltec firearms

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    all good information I am looking to buy one myself. I now know what to expect. Thanks for the info
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    On Target
    I had a brand new PF9. It frequently failed to extract and jammed. I did the "fluff and buff" but no joy. I sent it back to Kel Tec. They polished the feed ramp, replaced the extractor and sent it back. It ran 78 rounds out of about 100. I sold it with full disclosure at a loss to a FFL friend of mine. I hear it still doesn't work properly.

    I am not anti Kel Tec. My P32 and SUB2000 work flawlessly, but the PF9 is not a reliable carry gun for me. I got a S&W Shield 9mm, and decided to spend more time on concealment and weight issues. That gun runs 100% for me for 500+ rounds and still counting. Between that and my S&W 642 revolver, I feel comfy.


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