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  1. What's your EDC knife of choice?
  2. Louisiana Law regarding auto-opening knives
  3. knives with the "wave" feature
  4. Retention Knife
  5. Local knife sharpening?
  6. Practical...NO...Tacti-COOL...YES
  7. Automatic Knives
  8. My new Boker.
  9. I love Case knives.
  10. New Pig Sticker
  11. AMOK! Seminar, Fort Worth, Texas-March 1-2, 2008
  12. Kydex Knife Sheaths
  13. Cutco?
  14. Possibly the coolest knife invention ever
  15. picked this little extra up
  16. Kel-Tec folding bayonet
  17. Steve Woods Jungle Fighter
  18. are kbar knives high carbon?
  19. whats the best steel for a pocket knife?
  20. SOG / Spyderco
  21. $20 Knife?
  22. Sheath needed (scabbard)
  23. How to put this on....
  24. Knife, Machete or Axe? 2 of each of course!
  25. Legal Concealment Of Knives in LA?
  26. Over the shoulder knife sheath.
  27. My new knife...
  28. Carry Knives
  29. What's the best sharpener to have?
  30. Gerber Bolt Fixed Blade Knife
  31. Looking for a second fixed blade
  32. Found a couple of OLD Knives today
  33. CRKT Suggestions
  34. Ballistic knives?
  35. Benchmade knives
  36. Looking for a knife
  37. Automatic Knives
  38. Pretty Neat Gift Idea
  39. Place to buy Boker locally?
  40. What's this Knife worth-picture
  41. Scored a Couple of Blades
  42. Smith and Wesson Knives
  43. My new Kershaws
  44. Columbia River Slide Sharp System
  45. Need ideas on a new knife
  46. The importance of carrying a knife
  47. So how many of you Glock Cool Aid Drinkers
  48. Beware of "greatknivesgreatprices.com"
  49. Sheath needed
  50. my new blade :D
  51. My bayonet-need help identifying (Added Pictures) and setting value
  52. After reading many reviews and given the price; I've ordered a Glock Field Kinfe
  53. got a little package today .... v.tdi
  54. The virtues of the small, properly positioned, rapidly accessible, fixed blade knife
  55. Getting a TDI
  56. Tomahawk?
  57. "Auto" knife for non LEO
  58. New Knife...any flaming?
  59. my newest EDC
  60. Becker Brute
  61. EDC What do you carry?
  62. Pawn Shop Delights for a Buck
  63. New to forum need knife advice
  64. Knife Building Equipment
  65. Fixed blade throwing knife?
  66. Best idea ever?
  67. Spyderco
  68. Knife Fighting Points by Gabe Suarez
  69. Question about kershaw speedsafe not as easy after cleaning.
  70. Something about Transformers 2 movie?
  71. Wanted: Knife whore input
  72. Exploding knife
  73. Kabar Stipple
  74. knife crew, what are you carrying?
  75. Fixed blade knife laws?
  76. Local kydex sheath maker?
  77. Smith & Wesson M&P knife
  78. Knife Sharpening
  79. Benchmade Infidel opinions?
  80. looking for a store in baton rouge area with carbon blade pocket knives.
  81. New Bad Boy on the Block...... $219.00 paypal...ULTIMATE PIG
  82. Excellent Knife Link
  83. Baton rouge/gonzales knife sellers....
  84. A Historical Retrospective of Coolest Damn Knife that Kershaw Ever Made
  85. New Project!!!
  86. Rat izula
  87. looking for a Custom knife maker in Baton Rouge area
  88. School me on knife laws - Concealed and Open Carry
  89. New Blade need a Custom Holster
  90. My Tools And Kinves/lights
  91. Best way to sharpen a Spyderedge (spyderco serrated)
  92. Who, local to br or gonzales, sells lansky? Any of our sponsors?
  93. tactical pens
  94. Calling all Knife enthusiasts....
  95. cold steel dealer in baton rouge area?
  96. Is it wrong....?
  97. Knife Advice
  98. Suggestions for fixed blade for MOLLE system
  99. American Handgunner
  100. Leatherman MUT?
  101. Knife pics
  102. A few sheaths I made
  103. My First Kydex Sheath - Ek Boot Knife
  104. Scrap Yard, Busse, and Swamp Rat Knives
  105. The USMC Hospital Corpsman Knife
  106. Gauging Interest for a Custom Knife Group Buy
  107. Tom Krein knives??
  108. best way to sharpen a knife
  109. Throwing knives?
  110. Just an idea for now... Could possibly become reality...
  111. Great knife dealers to buy from...
  112. Ontario Spec Plus Airforce Knife
  113. Gift From My Wife
  114. the 4 1/2" safe maker boot knife ok to carry concealed?
  115. Knife Makers in Louisiana
  116. I need my blades shortened ¼" in S'port
  117. Kukri House- Modern combat kukri. I'm ordering one
  118. Sog Tomcat Original
  119. First try at making a knife sheath out of kydex - *Updated* and first holster
  120. WTB Arisaka Bayonet Type 30
  121. ‘Arms’ are not just firearms; knives and the 2A wrap-up GRPC
  122. New Surefire knife
  123. Silver Stag Knives
  124. What I want for XMAS
  125. -found- Looking for this Knife, Details added and simplified *Updated*
  126. Gerber Customer Service?
  127. Looking for info about ICC
  128. Prices out of line?
  129. AUTO PICS - Evil "Switchblades"
  130. Have you seen one like this?
  131. Have you seen one like this?
  132. Gerber LMF II
  133. Kydex sheath makers in La?
  134. Folding Saws?
  135. SOG Micron
  136. Heard of these?
  137. where to buy collectible knife
  138. New knives (w/Pic)
  139. BenchMade Offer
  140. EDC with a more traditional look? Stag?
  141. ID Knife
  142. Now THAT'S a knife, mate - pics.
  143. Ceramic Blades
  144. For you zombie slayers out there....
  145. Whutz Up with Autos?
  146. Folding Credit Card Knife
  147. Need Sharpening
  148. Best selection in Baton Rouge
  149. Knife in your pocket now.....
  150. SCORE.......sort of
  151. Help a Novice
  152. Did Leatherman support Obama?
  153. Benchmade 950 Rift Osborne
  154. Microtech knives
  155. Good knife/blade forums?
  156. Knife/edged weapon instructor?
  157. New Blade
  158. Made a new one
  159. Sheath needed for knife
  160. Another one made - lots of pics 56k beware
  161. Another Frank Cole Custom - Pic
  162. ON A ROLL! New handmade manly man's knife!!!
  163. Firefighter seeking opinions and advice on a emergency carry knife
  164. Green Beret vs. Silver Trident
  165. Hogue Knives
  166. TAC-FORCE speedster model
  167. Hogue EX01
  168. Finally finished knife sheath
  169. Spyderco
  170. Benchmade Bedlam
  171. Benchmade
  172. I need a good pocket knife... MADE IN THE USA.
  173. BM 470 Emissary
  174. High cotton
  175. Kopas and Hawks
  176. How to sharpen a combo blade
  177. Shopping for a assisted open knife
  178. New Blade
  179. One Sick Blade - Strider AJAX MSC
  180. ZT 0350
  181. Nice damascus daily user alsmost finished
  182. BHK Machete
  183. Microtech in Baton Rouge area
  184. New Steel
  185. Randall knives would like to trade for glock
  186. Abalone Toothpick
  187. Three Sisters Forge Tactical
  188. Ontario Knife Co Multi Purpose Bayonet
  189. Knife Recommendation
  190. Name Those Blades
  191. Bob Lum Tanto and Masaad Ayoob - Spyderco
  192. Got another project almost done
  193. How to waste a file...
  194. BenchMade "BEDLAM" finally arrived......
  195. How do you store your knives?
  196. Cold Steel Spartin
  197. Soldier in iraq insults this custom knife maker!!!
  198. Blade review, Protech Godson
  199. Little walk thru making a knife - CHARITY KNIFE - FOR SALE ebay lin inside!
  200. Blade review, Kershaw Leek
  201. Combat Survivor Bowie
  202. Ontario RD-6 Ranger Series Knives
  203. Blade review, Benchmade 530 Pardue plain edge
  204. Pimped SNG - thing of beauty**** New Blade added post #7!
  205. Blade review, Spyderco Delica Gen 4
  206. Blade review, Spyderco Endura Gen 4
  207. Blade review, CRKT K.I.S.S.
  208. Blade review, Kershaw Chive
  209. Suggestions on fixed blade knife
  210. Thinking I may want a microtech UT with tanto blade
  211. Need recommendations.
  212. wtb cold steel spartan
  213. Recent Acquisitions
  214. Current projects
  215. Opinel Knives
  216. Benchmade LifeSharp Service
  217. Wood, Bone, and Horn
  218. opinion on kitchen knives as a gift
  219. Old otf auto knife
  220. Knife maker from the Ruston Gun Show...?
  221. Knife Basics - part 1 - Handles
  222. Machete Expertise Needed
  223. Cold Steel Sword Cane
  224. A New One
  225. Need opinion on knife maker Tim Horan
  226. Blade review, Benchmade Griptilian tanto partially serrated
  227. Blade review, Benchmade MiniBarrage assisted opening.
  228. What is a gentleman's knife?
  229. Looking for a new carry knife
  230. Field Knife..Kukri? Bowie? Jungle Primitive?
  231. I think I want to get a battle axe, anybody have one?
  232. My latest work
  233. Spyderco Spyderfly for sale
  234. DELETEWTB Ontario Rat 1 Knife
  235. Problem with Spyderco Tenacious **Updated**
  236. Great local kydex work -> Bayou Custom Sheaths
  237. Havalon Knives---anybody used one?
  238. BM auto Stryker release button.
  239. Buying a blade question
  240. Considering esee Izula
  241. WTS Tops/buck pocket knife
  242. Moccasin skin sheath
  243. Carring a blade questions
  245. Angle to sharpen a soldier knife?
  246. ***Question: What blade to attach to a MOLLE vest? preferably a kydex sheath!***
  247. Anyone ever have a benchmade mini grip or mini barrage apart?
  248. LEO or military advice wanted
  249. Protech/Emerson Auto
  250. First balisong! (butterfly knife)