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  1. We'd Like to Welcome You All to South Louisiana's Newest Indoor Range!
  2. FRC Now Offering $75 Evening CCW Classes with Coupon!!!
  3. FRC Range Review
  4. Force on Force / Simunitions Training at FRC
  5. FRC Proud to be a Sponsor of Bayoushooter.com!
  6. Still Don't Have Your Concealed Carry Permit?
  7. Bayou Shooter Meet Up!
  8. FRC Range Grand Opening Celebration!
  9. NEW CLASS! "Behind Every Blade ... " The History and Heritage of the American Rifle.
  10. Bayou Shooter meet up, Force on Force, and History of the American Rifleman class!
  11. FRC Historic Rifle Class Tomorrow!
  12. We will be open tomorrow July 4th
  13. Low bulk brass prices!
  14. Bayoushooter BR Meetup
  15. All veterans shoot free on Veterans Day!
  16. “Draco’s” no longer allowed.
  17. just a shout out
  18. 20 Off Force on Force class!
  19. Thanks for the youth Home School gun saftey class today