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  1. What CCW?
  2. Do you carry concealed? If so, what is it?
  3. open carry for someone under 21
  4. CCW came in!
  5. where did you take your cwl class?
  6. anyone have a comptac ctac?
  7. my new carry piece
  8. laws on being caught with a concealed weapon
  9. lefty friendly kimber is done :cool:
  10. Backup
  11. delete
  12. Ongoing CCW Story from BR
  13. Handgun Dis-Arming Class in Baton Rouge
  14. Reciprocity vs. Honers
  15. Need to take the class??????
  16. Fingerprint question
  17. Report on Disarm Class
  18. Baton Rouge Police Department Concealed Handgun Course
  19. Carrying inside restaurants
  20. Age requirement?
  21. I guess I'm "over-reacting" about personal safety
  22. Former Gun control activiest Buying a Gun...
  23. Open Carry?
  24. Trying to ban guns Louisiana's campus
  25. Sent my CCW packet yesterday.
  26. Are LA CCW laws too cumbersome?
  27. Got my CCW in Friday.
  28. FL Concealed permit ?'s
  29. Gun in car in MS/Alabama?
  30. Packing.org
  31. G26 and Minotaur Comp-Tac Holster
  32. Concealed weapons permit question
  33. New to the area
  34. So I rated the recognition of all the States: LA is #6!
  35. Mississippi CCW, 4 months?!
  36. Florida CHL turnaround time?
  37. "busted" for Open Carry at work
  38. How much does LRA charge for CCW?
  39. Does LA CCW application send fingerprints to FBI?
  40. CCW Question
  41. I have a question about getting my CCW
  42. CCW vs carjacker
  43. CHP Class Northshore
  44. Questions on Concealed Carry Permit
  45. "people shouldn't bring guns to work" crap heard today
  46. Ccw
  47. Louisiana leo encounter on traffic stop
  48. IWB Magazine holster
  49. CCW First Time
  50. Florida Permit In Today's Mail!
  51. Bar/restaurant carry
  52. Pov Ii
  53. Why not just answer
  54. got my permit today!
  55. Weigh in on campus shootings
  56. Chp
  57. Open carried for the first time today
  58. Concealed Carry Question
  59. Group pushes for CCW on campus
  60. Bad Mardi Gras, Encounter with LEO, New Vehicle
  61. Louisiana CCW law question
  62. Answers to "Why do you carry a gun?"
  63. Why Open Carry (instead of Carrying Concealed?)
  64. Why Carry Concealed (Instead of Openly Carrying)?
  65. Fobus Holsters......
  66. TigerWeekly:Students debate whether allowing CCW would make campus safer
  67. Open Carry vs. No Carry
  68. New holster
  69. Free Concealed Handgun Classes
  70. Good encounter with NOPD, albeit kinda funny...and sad
  71. Next Purchase?
  72. Why did you delete my post ?
  73. Encounter at Walmart
  74. My police encounter while OC'ing
  75. Question about open carry
  76. Boss's Car Broken Into - "I coulda' shot him"
  77. Bass Pro's Selection.......
  78. How do you carry? C&L
  79. How do you carry in your vehicle?
  80. CCW Class in Lafayette recommendations
  81. Moving out of the state. Fl license question
  82. More Reasons for Concealed Carry
  83. This is when we need you tinfoil hat...
  84. Shooting situation
  85. New owner: OC with ID vs. CCW...?
  86. Cross Breed vs. Comp-Tac IWB
  87. Where to get fingerprinted in NO?
  88. CCW question???
  89. LSU Student Senate Endorses HB 199
  90. Where get Fingerprints and Photo for CCW in NOLA
  91. Guns on campus
  92. Robertson's vote for on-campus weapons a bad move
  93. Cabela's
  94. Attackers Steal Resident's Sense of Security
  95. Took a Fall in Public - Pistol Too!
  96. Taking my CCL class at Shooters Club tomorrow
  97. CCW around Lafayette/New Iberia
  98. Toys R Us--No guns?
  99. WAFB: Concleaed Carry on Campus, talks w/ Southern Police Chief & students
  100. Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor Shoots Himself During Class
  101. New Training Options, maybe
  102. Concealed Carry Poll
  103. If you pull your firearm be prepared to use it
  104. My 2 on alcohol and guns
  105. What Is Going On Here ??
  106. I may have a problem...
  107. Aquarium of the Americas (New Orleans)
  108. NOLA Notary needed
  109. Senator Vitter To Offer Concealed Carry Reciprocity Amendment
  110. Killology - A Scholarly Study Of Killing
  111. Classes
  112. Hb 199???
  113. CCW Handgun June 1st (Westbank)
  114. Fingerprint card in Orleans Parish?
  115. Ccw 1911
  116. No More EBRSO CCW Classes
  117. How quickly did you receive your CHP?
  118. Anyone know of any classes in Baton Rouge...
  119. .40 Caliber not too snappy for this old man
  120. See what happens when you CC.
  121. Reason not to carry HP ammo
  122. Let's talk about fanny packs....
  123. Bass Pro CHP training tonight
  124. Got my CCW license in the mail today!
  125. CCW classes
  126. Get prints in Jeff parish?
  127. Anybody Need ANOTHER REMINDER To Carry ??
  128. SCCC National Conference in D.C.
  129. Florida CHP - NOW 7 YEARS!
  130. Drew My Weapon This Weekend...
  131. From Page 40 of the Heller opinion:
  132. CCW class on on July 13th (Sunday)
  133. Had To Disarm Rather Quickly
  134. Confrontation in the CBD while walking from lunch.
  135. Had my first "confrontation" yesterday
  136. First day ccw
  137. Had to draw on a ingnorant woman
  138. 911 call after a self-defense shooting
  139. Anyone carry a Glock 20?
  140. Video:Pasadena police tour Joe Horn's home w/ Joe Horn hours after shooting
  141. Shreveport man has his rifle stolen from truck during a road rage incident
  142. Favorite carry caliber POLL
  143. Guess who just got her CCW permit!!
  144. CC in Florida
  145. Two teens burglarize 30 unlocked cars in JP
  146. academy sucks (open carry story)
  147. SCCC First National Conference Success!!
  148. CCW class on on August 10th (Sunday)
  149. California leads the serfs; Texas leads the citizens!
  150. Local CCW ordinances
  151. CCW class costs
  152. Store employee criticized by New Orleans neighbors for shooting at robbery suspects
  153. mag question
  154. Ccw Classes Offered Daily 2 Pm $75.00
  155. Lincoln Parish Permit
  156. Place you cannot carry???
  157. Reholstering In the Workplace can be Dangerous
  158. Open Carry In Louisiana - Resources/FAQs
  159. New Open Carry Course
  160. Conceal Carry Classes 7 Days A Week
  161. CCW Permit Question
  162. Prior Arrest and CCW Permit
  163. Ccw Class Sunday Morning 11;am Lafayette
  164. Had my worst open carry experience in my years of open carrying today.
  165. Basic or Beginner Firearms training classes
  166. Heads up Texans!
  167. Wilderness instructor's belt
  168. Clothing for the Concealed Carrier
  169. Funny OC story from Arizona
  170. CCW Permit in the mail!!
  171. Liberty University to consider concealed weapons on campus
  172. Suspected theif shot @ BR pawn shop
  173. IWB Carry
  174. Gun & Ammo does it again- re: carry licenses
  175. A Split Second Advantage During a Mugging...
  176. Just got back from LSP.....
  177. Pennsylvania: Soccer Mom Will Pack Once Again
  178. CC on a motorcycle
  179. How Do You CCW?
  180. CCW Status If Obama Wins
  181. CC class Houma/Thib. area 11/15
  182. Everyday carry cleaning procedures
  183. Gerry Clesi ???
  184. FL CWL wait time
  185. Utah CCW Permits
  186. Ccw Traffic Stop Protocol
  187. Legal carrying of NFA items under LA CHP?
  188. Question about Concealed Carry Permit
  189. Fingerprints
  190. ccw classes
  191. Concealed Carry FAIL This Weekend in NO
  192. RCS mexican carry holster
  193. Full Size Carry 1911
  194. Dog owner charged after dogs were killed while attacking neighbor's dog
  195. I need some help
  196. Formal gun ownership class before purchasing a gun
  197. Florida Pemit Question
  198. Out of Town Carry
  199. Open Carry in/on your Vehicle on Campus
  200. Drawstroke 101
  201. Drawstroke 201 - Addressing the Closed Front Concealment Garment
  202. Girlfriend Getting a P7
  203. CCW instructor in Monroe area?
  204. IWB Holsters for CZ 75b
  205. CCW in Parks
  206. CHP class today at the Range.
  207. Florida Concealed Carry
  208. Anybody carry a Glock 26?
  209. Armed Robbery Failed
  210. Anyone attending CHP class 12/13?
  211. Carrying in my truck
  212. I am now part of the Concealed Carry Glittaroti
  213. Two Questions: About cc in the vehicle
  214. Gun in the Glovebox?
  215. All BS asside
  216. Can we get the complete process for obtaining a CCP
  217. Definition
  218. CCW Permit questions and issues
  219. New GF and Carrying....
  220. CCW Class 12-13 in Baton Rouge
  221. LOL
  222. CC on Campus
  223. GlockTalk member has an encounter w/ Nolacopusmc
  224. After all that trouble to get my permit...
  225. So the guy behind me is fiddling with his .44 Magnum...
  226. New question on LA permit application?
  227. Ever had to correct a permit application?
  228. Carried all day but ?
  229. Turning in my CCPermit soon
  230. A good way to lose your CHP
  231. Reaching for a firearm w/ a gun pointed at you
  232. Hate when people talk during a movie?
  233. Leo Ccw
  234. Bass PRo CCW Classes
  235. ccw benefits
  236. Why would anyone need a 30rd magazine?
  237. Anybody recommend(or not) Blackhawk SERPA paddle holsters
  238. Bad info from Police Chief
  239. Talking too much after a Self-Defense shooting?
  240. LEO's... question....
  241. concealed carry question
  242. Just Waiting Now!
  243. holsters for CCW
  244. Cabelas CCW story
  245. CCW Permit
  246. One Man Got Involved. The Perry Stephens/George Temple Incident
  247. Yea for me!!!!!!!
  248. 6 weeks to the day
  249. CCW Apology
  250. How to spot someone carrying