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  1. Muslins sueing army over harrasement
  2. Another POS Democrat!
  3. Cop found guilty of felonious assault w/ a firearm during traffic stop
  4. Law question
  5. West Memphis: 2 officers, 2 suspects killed after traffic stop
  6. Retired LEO's
  7. AP Investigation: Texas man faked way into Army
  8. Just had to share .Thank you for your sevice.
  9. M4 vs. AK-47: Is U.S. Army Outgunned in Afghanistan?
  10. Thor Shield from Point Blank
  11. Question about Marine Corp MOS
  12. LEO's What would you do?
  13. *Warrior Tune* very catchy ....
  14. Another Retired LEO question
  15. Off-Duty Officer Fatally Shoots Unarmed Marine *Update Post #109*
  16. Write him up
  17. Sgt. Maj. Plumley- as played by Sam Elliott (strong language)
  18. K-9 bits beputy before giving chase
  19. LEO/Military Pricing
  20. The Pentagon Channel
  21. Need a long range for a demo
  22. Interesting letter
  23. This came from a fellow Vietnam vet.
  24. Cop sent back to training after confrontation
  25. premeditated murder??
  26. Off-duty cop fires handgun in the back of another officer's squad car
  27. LAW ENFORCEMENT: The Root of Excessive Force
  28. Just say no to drug and alcohol abuse
  29. bourbon st on 6/27
  30. NOPD: Police brutality lawsuit
  31. Metairie: "Heavily armed" impersonator w/ "arsenal" (Dash cam vid #26)
  32. LSP Trooper shot on I-10
  33. For the LEO bashers.
  34. Help the Feds catch this guy
  35. The American Flag in Uniforms
  36. Any BS members currently in KAF?
  37. DEA-158 Individuals Indicted for Drug Trafficking in Puerto Rico
  38. "Barefoot Bandit's 2 Year run is finally OVER"
  39. 3 Officers Involved in Shooting at Summerlin Costco
  40. Any Law Enforcement Divers???
  41. Judge hands down new law for policemen
  42. what type of wreck was on 10 betweem Pt Allen and rayme
  43. Woman KOed while struggling w/ police
  44. What Are Ya'll Issued?
  45. *HARD* defined ...
  46. Policy and Procedure for firearms
  47. Badges?
  48. Officers to keep their opinions/beliefs to themselves ?
  49. Full Time LEO's thoughts on Reserves
  50. A Criminal Profiler
  51. Talking to the police after a shooting
  52. Only In Westwego!! Day at work Krayz Kajun Style!
  53. Mag/Mag Pouch Saves Trooper
  54. RCTA
  55. As IF We Didn't Have Enough Problems To Deal With
  56. Community Policing
  57. CT SWAT Challenge
  58. Lafayette LEO around Duson today?
  59. 65 Years Ago Today......
  60. Concerned LP Citizen
  61. Today is "You're the Chief Day" and you can...
  62. LEO longarm question
  63. JP Enterprises Has Your Back
  64. CMP Announces Loss of Former USAMU Member
  65. VT: "Top" Correctional Academy director tazered
  66. Grenade
  67. NOPD
  68. NOPD's Supt. Serpas Issues New Integrety Policy
  69. I've been accepted
  70. NOPD authorized to shot looters?
  71. Kudos to the anonymous LEO in Avoyelles Parish
  72. "You're disturbing my peace by waving @ me."
  73. 2011 Dodge Charger "Persuit"
  74. Policemen
  75. Hope you boys around NOLA don't get into a foot pursuit with these two
  76. Dash Cam
  77. Taser:1 Rottweiler:0
  78. MEM doing a little LEO bashing in comments
  79. ‘The Tillman Story’ a Warning, Mom Says
  80. Police work ain't pretty
  81. Kraut's tactical duty
  82. LEO input please.....
  83. LSP stopped me Friday and ....................
  84. I'm begging for Kevlar
  85. CHP stopped me on Sunday and.............
  86. LSP Stopped me Friday and.......
  87. Hey Dawg got $20 I can buy????? (RETARDS)
  88. No refusal weekend question
  89. Anybody using the CoolCop???
  90. Weapons in school zones?
  91. ATF Contract for new Weapons
  92. Where do you guys buy from?
  93. SC LEO fired for picture on FB
  94. ZZ Top's Best Dressed Man?
  95. Police Cars to be Changing
  96. Giving new meaning to the words, “I’ve got your back”
  97. Hr 4667 *update*
  98. St John Sherrif's Office today
  99. OK to film Cops, Good or Bad?
  100. Portrait Of A Great Old Skool Cop
  101. DARPA's New One Shot System..
  102. When will the VA tell you and family when you are dead ?
  103. Madison Parish Sheriff's Deputy Accidentally Shoots Himself
  104. Lafayette: Man dies during taser incident
  105. Shot then ran over
  106. Khandahar
  107. Ebrso
  108. Taser Death Trial Underway In Winnfield
  109. I Got News For The Sheriffs Office
  110. Where do you carry concealed when off-duty?
  111. Officer killed
  112. Bash This NOLACOP, or Medal Of Commendation?
  113. What do you think about the thin blue line stickers?
  114. I bet one of these dudes wishes there had been a DWI checkpoint that night....
  115. To all LEO's (and related fields)...
  116. Damn nosy ass cops
  117. A fine soldier lost in Afghanistan
  118. Jeff parish SWAT team practice?
  119. Need ASAP Temporarily
  120. Paracord Bracelet Attention LEO's check this out......
  121. I have a traffic safety question for LEO's
  122. Encounter with Fayetteville, Georgia Police Officer
  123. “That cop is lucky….”
  124. NOLACOP says...these cops are crossing the line.
  125. Ready, Aim, Fire At Will On Selected Aliens
  126. You Expect A Bad Cop Once In A While
  127. Lafayette duputies drive car in pond.
  128. Free Meal for Vets at Sam's Town Casino
  129. Happy 235th Birthday Marines!
  130. Profiling 101
  131. Veterans Day at the Zoo
  132. Are cops 'frienemies' of the Constitution?
  133. HBO's 'Wartorn'- who watched it, and your thoughts
  134. Times-Pick-A_Booger Goes Ballistic Over Burn Body
  135. Car 54, Whazzup?
  136. Handguns issued by department...
  137. Concealed carry from out of State.
  138. Medal of Honor Ceremony
  139. LEOSA exapnded and explained...by OBAMA!
  140. Images from NYC Veteran's Day Parade
  141. Off-duty cop "attacking" Hooter's customer ?
  142. Bitter/Sweet day for me today
  143. Intersting Case Of Shooting A Fleeing Felon
  144. Off Duty Shooting / Food For Thought
  145. To Lafourche Parish S.O.
  146. Anyone see RESTREPO tonight?
  147. long line of LEO cars on I-10
  148. Comments from a 5 year old.
  149. MAYHEM: Mexican drug gang murders unarmed female police chief
  150. Finally doing what i've always wanted to do...
  151. Don't Ask Don't Tell debate *LIVE NOW*
  152. Chuck Norris becomes "real" Texas Ranger
  153. Any family members serve in Marines Iwo Jima?
  154. Navy drill team
  155. Retro BRPD units?
  156. Army Sgt. Bowe captured by Taliban *Released* VIDEO
  157. Innocent concerned husband or belligerent drunk?
  158. Senate blocks repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'
  159. Shooting On Indian Reservation
  160. Any Tangi Deputies here?
  161. Going to game today for first time in years. As a LEO can we still carry inside?
  162. Officer Down At Wal-Mart
  163. Going Down And Stupid In LA
  164. Could N. Korea invade the U.S. in future? (writer of Red Dawn/Apocalypse Now)
  165. Any Leo's in Bogalusa?
  166. Border Patrol Agent Killed in Southern Arizona
  167. Ruskies' flashly new uniforms making troops ill
  168. So What's a Constable around here?
  169. A Professional Good-Bye
  170. Cop walks in on robbery in progress.
  171. Slightly awkward moment (EBRSO)
  172. Free Cop Killer tech
  173. Is the Army getting a new sniper rifle?
  174. Polishing duty boots
  175. What's better, Army or Navy ?
  176. Police Killed in the Line of Duty Fatalities up 37% from 2009
  177. Putting in my app w/ Gretna P.D.
  178. Marine Receives Award in Friendly Fire Incident
  179. Restrepo airing Sunday Night Jan 2
  180. Livingston Deputy in Crash
  181. Stay Safe!
  182. Lake Taho Helo Dip
  183. Warning !
  184. keep in your thoughts and prayers
  185. Anyone run into the Hwy Patrol New Years?
  186. New Military Unit
  187. texas Az. border wars!!!!!!!!!!!!
  188. Posse, I am so sorry
  189. Man Files Suit After Being Shot By JBT
  190. Reserve Officers
  191. Louisiana militia?
  192. Question for LEOs and GIs...
  193. WOW
  194. Willie to retire???
  195. The media really is pathetic...
  196. Justified Shooting? Utah Police Night Drug Raid- Blair Shooting
  197. Burglary shot.
  198. China to station troops in N. korea...
  199. This ain't nothing by Craig
  200. We lost another member of The Greatest Generation
  201. U.K. orders Magpul EMAGs
  202. 2 Florida Officers Murdered in The Line of Duty
  203. China developed stealth fighter using downed US fighter
  204. Sgt. Sammy L. Davis ( CMH recipient )
  205. Right or wrong (LEOs only please)
  206. Talking on a phone apparently illegal in MO...
  207. Detroit police station shootout
  208. Quick question
  209. Animal cruelty?
  210. Detroit Police Station Shooting---VIDEO
  211. Fake Cop Arrests Two Suspects
  212. Retired Soldier Kills Three, Saves Lady's Honor
  213. MD cops kill hostage taker after he slips on ice
  214. Houston PD recorded kicking and punching restrained suspect
  215. Police Shooting...pretty much textbook... He should have told them about the gun...LO
  216. Air Force Issues G19.
  217. FBI Raids Louisiana Sheriff's Office
  218. Русские военные блог фотография
  219. Tangi deputy shoots man who reportedly pulled shotgun on him
  220. Iphone=Impersonating an officer?
  221. Seattle PD investigates off-duty cop who stomped suspect's head
  222. Calcasieu Parish SO info needed...
  223. First Glocks in local LE?
  224. Gallagher Wins MMA Soldier of the Year
  225. Anybody been to Army BCT recently?
  226. Iraq mobilization/Kuwait photos (pic heavy)
  227. Traffic stop for broken taillight saves a rape and kidnapping victim
  228. EBRSO vs. BRPD vs. LSP
  229. Cops stop ice cream truck, jail 1 on pot charge
  230. New Orleans should consolidate NOPD, sheriff's office into one metropolitan unit
  231. NRA LE Instructor Class
  232. Rapper joins the Department he once sued and rapped about
  233. Broussard Officer Arrested
  234. Stolen Valor
  235. Highest law enforcement officer of a Parish?
  236. List of LE agencies?
  237. Orleans Parish Deputy booked
  238. RPG Book
  239. LEO's, What side would you be on?
  240. Last World War I Veteran Dies at 110
  241. Dept of Defense commissions deal for Termi....battle droid
  242. Wounded Warriors Project
  243. Bank Robber (Sniper/Headshot) *GRAPHIC*
  244. Video of WWII US Army sniper getting a chance to shoot at 1,000 yards
  245. Louisiana-Deputy-Shot-in-Sheriffs-Office
  246. Sniper from past with new equipment
  247. Cop protects 1st Ammendment
  248. Text Book (Suicide by Cop)
  249. Ranger Benefit
  250. NOPD detective reassigned after allegedly letting woman wear his uniform