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  1. Bobby Jindal's letter to me regarding H.R. 1022 (and other gun related stuff)
  2. Louisiana "Assault Weapons" Ban HB 869
  3. Alternative energy Credit! Please help me bug them to make a vote on this!!!
  4. New OSHA Rulemaking-Black & Smokeless Powder, Primers, Ammo
  5. John Rosenthal Admits to Violating Federal Gun Law
  6. Woman shoots intruders, killing one
  7. Man hit by bullet from gun range
  8. EBR Sheriff Election
  9. Rudy on guns
  10. LA Primary Elections - October 20
  11. Jindal
  12. Hillary's idea of Amerika is going to make Canada look like a Tax Haven..
  13. Martial Law in LA & Katrina
  14. Don't forget to vote! (registration info inside)
  15. Rant
  16. Go Vote
  17. So are your people winning?
  18. Jefferson Parish Sherriff's Race
  19. Bayou Shooter contingency?
  20. Teacher can't bring her glock to school
  21. Shooting at edward gay apartments
  22. Ron Paul - Tea Party '07
  23. NRA Looking For Owners Of Seized Guns
  24. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  25. Undocumented immigrant story
  26. An Open Letter from Bill Akins of Akins Accelerator
  27. Become a Delegate...
  28. USA Today Poll
  29. Government files amicus -- on DC's side!
  30. Duct tape alert (anti-gun editorial)
  31. Republican caucus 1-22-08
  32. GOP caucus sites in Louisiana 1-22-08
  33. Fred Thompson withdraws
  34. URGENT ALERT: Ask Senator Mary Landrieu To Sign The Amicus Brief Against The D.C. Gun
  35. ALLRIGHT!! LA is a total failure!!
  36. Speaking of democracy...
  37. 5 threads on Proposed Ammo bill
  38. State primary
  39. Mississippians: Support HB 1082!
  40. Romney is out.....
  41. Shooting at my school this morning.
  42. Lawmakers urge high court to side with gun owners
  43. ★★Lets clean Louisiana up and get this congressman elected.★★
  44. Obama, Huckabee winners in Louisiana presidential primary
  45. Should there be waiting period for handguns?
  46. Steve Scalise in District 1!
  47. Our Greatest Threat! Barack Obama...
  48. This is my kind of talk
  49. CNN Story on Hello Kitty AK
  50. Vitter opposes Bush nominee for ATF
  51. One shot, one kill
  52. So the Sheriff's Department has called me...
  53. Tired of Politics as usual?
  54. Assault weapons ban coming to New Orleans?
  55. whats coming HR1022
  56. WAFB: Teen Uses AK-47 Street Sweeper Assault Rifle
  57. How will each justice rule? D.C. vs. Heller
  58. Right to bear arms at heart of high court case
  59. Glenn Beck on Gun Rights
  60. online ammo
  61. Gun Bills Introduced- To Arms!
  62. Some gun info
  63. Why we need to get out
  64. Crime statistics
  65. Rush Radio 99.5 WRNO
  66. LSU Reviile vid on "Students could get right to carry guns on campus"
  67. Opinion letter in the advocate about Advocate's article on HB199
  68. Guatemaulen Mob Family Gunned Down - Brutal Pictures
  69. News to me check it out
  70. This damn tinfoil hat.
  71. Open Holster Protest This Week
  72. 2008 Presidential election simplified.
  73. Courtenay vs The Reville
  74. Ron Paul supporter?
  75. We're saved!
  76. SB51 (Motorist Protection Act) to hit senate floor next week
  77. PUT IT ON CH.4 NOW 10pm
  78. What Islam Isn't
  79. In a little more than one year
  80. It's about time somebody stopped being P.C.
  81. Senate Bill 165
  82. Mexico Complains Of Too Many Repatriated Mexicans
  83. Poll on WWW.KNOE.COM regarding Campus Concealed Carry
  84. Letter from Rep. Guillory
  85. Clinton mailing's gun gaffe
  86. Hb 68 Awb
  87. HB 68 Pulled from Committee!!!
  88. SB51 (parking lot carry) initially fails Senate
  89. McCain Launches Spanish Web Site, Will Speak To La Raza
  90. Hb 529
  91. Soldier arrested with "car full of weapons"
  92. HB 68 in committee???
  93. House To Debate Guns On Campus Bill Monday At 2 P.M.
  94. LA ALERT- Getting a handle on the remaining bills
  95. Re: LC's mention of HB793
  96. Comments anyone?
  97. Duct tape alert for you Houma folks
  98. Accidential shooting injures JPSO deputy
  99. It's Baaaack H.B.68 Scheduled to be heard May 21, 2008
  100. Bob Barr
  101. Constitution Party Candidate
  102. HB 68 Involuntarily Deferred
  103. Update on SB51 (guns in vehicles at businesses)
  104. Jury recommends DEATH! Olive Garden shootings in BR
  105. Good Pro Gun Essay and Group
  106. Brits are afraid of a Transformers T-shirt
  107. Please read this
  108. Something about Obama...
  109. LA Times Open Carry Story
  110. Got this email
  111. Green Hypocrites
  112. Food for thought - How long do we have?
  113. Stupid is as Stupid Does
  114. Schedule of Events, 2008 Democratic Convention
  115. Politicians pay raise
  116. What the hell?
  117. Anybody else watching the live Ron Paul speech?
  118. Anyone plan on attending the Washintgon March?
  119. Ran across this book...
  120. Is Jane Smith your rep?
  121. Help keep Louisiana water Pure!
  122. I agree with Bush?? WTF!
  123. Three questions
  124. R U Tired of Gas Prices
  125. $500 a Barrel Oil
  126. Check out what this sex offender was caught doing!
  127. Newt on Oil
  128. Law School wants to hang Bush - Literally
  129. A fair account
  130. Political quiz
  131. Oklahoma declares sovereignty (anyone seen this?)
  132. If You're Still Thinking ..............
  133. Another Reason To Own A Gun
  134. Shootings at Kentucky plant and 6 dead
  135. Blow up this poll on the Heller decision
  136. Obama on Change
  137. When You Go into the Voting Booth, Remember This:
  138. Yes, Timmy...
  139. Now this article has some twists
  140. memo sent to Washington, DC residents
  141. Jindal vetoes pay raise!
  142. We are in Iran!
  143. pizza delivery man fired to protecting himself
  144. Repeal the 2nd Amendment
  145. National Open Carry Weekend!
  146. A WIN for us! SB51 signed into law (keeping guns in vehicle at work)
  147. What in the world is going on?
  148. Michelle Jezebel Obama KK's baby sister
  149. Barack Advertisement
  150. Wow obama is simply a moron.
  151. The R-E-A-L "BS" T-shirt
  152. Election 2008
  153. Bush Meeting in N.O.
  154. Armed Robbery on LSU Campus
  155. The media and Barack Alibaba Obama
  156. Len Savage getting shafted by the BATFE
  157. Anyone had layaways at Elliot's when they were shut down?
  158. "Barrel Shroud" Lawmaker Gets Sued
  159. Motorist draws gun at 'Grey Poupon' question
  160. Gun Ban Plaintiff Dick Heller Files New Lawsuit Against Washington, D.C.
  161. Lafayette Officer involved shooting
  162. Kennesaw - Town with mandatory gun ownership
  163. SWAT Vehicle Stolen in Livingston Parish
  164. Economic Presidential Pressure
  165. It has begun
  166. Who said Obama never did anything ?
  167. U.S, Officials saying Iraqi WMD's were transported to Iran
  168. Obama speech
  169. Call Congress Back Petition
  170. Shooting Guns from a Segway
  171. Obamas Family Excited
  172. They really wanna play by those rules?
  173. Snopes confirmation
  174. Black Betty
  175. What he really said
  176. Got my pee pee whacked
  177. Obama Thread On Arf.com
  178. Metal Business Card Holder Stops Bullet Aimed at Florida Sheriff's Deputy
  179. Government True-isms
  180. Georgia v Iraq
  181. Martial Law in Arkansas
  182. We are Screwed
  183. You Gotta Love Texas
  184. Some sort of Minority Lesbian Drug Community in BR?
  185. Is Doomsday getting close?
  186. Is this a possibe solution for the illegal alien problem?
  187. McCain to visit LA rig today
  188. Man kills girlfriend while showing her gun, charged with negligent homicide
  189. Russian Troops Take US Humvees
  190. Elderly Woman Choked, Robbed In Elevator *video*
  191. Armed 85 year old woman makes intruder call police
  192. Why I don't like Obama
  193. Video of Russian Troops w/US Weapons
  194. Obama's brother lives in a hut
  195. NRA-ILA link on Obama
  196. Democratic Convention
  197. Fabulous ad about Obama
  198. Joe Biden ?
  199. The ACLU's position
  200. Would-Be Obama Assasin Arrested
  201. Obamma's new Math Plan for Public Schools
  202. Im considering using my vote for this....
  203. Did Bill Clinton really slam Obama again?
  204. Barack Obama...
  205. Looks like it's McCain - Palin
  206. Uhhhh, WTF!?!?!?!?!
  207. NWS Vid
  208. Rudy Giulianni (sp)
  209. obama gear
  210. Communist Party USA Endorsing Obama?
  211. Republican Party
  212. The 2008 Conservative Leadership Conference Announced
  213. Palin's daughter
  214. Palin shooting a Rifle
  215. Oprah Reportedly Balking at Having Palin on Show
  216. NRA-ILA Alert 09/05/08
  217. More Charges Against Palin!!
  218. Shots fired in Kenner
  219. National Press Club: Ron Paul/Chuck Baldwin to Speak
  220. Sarah Palin Action figure
  221. With 9/11 coming up...
  222. GOA: The Jack-Booted Thugs Are Back
  223. I Didn't Know...
  224. Joe Cook, Sorry Duplicate Post
  225. Michelle Obama thesis was on racial divide
  226. Palin SNL skit
  227. Obama waffles
  228. Palin video
  229. Great Boss
  230. Clinton fundraiser backs McCain over Obama
  231. Palin's email hacked
  232. Old news, but still riles me up
  233. Rant: Field and Stream, Fudds and Obama
  234. The director of the Libertarian Party just called me asking for help
  235. Disturbing video on Islam
  236. Keep a low profile-spies among us?
  237. Was accused of trying to make a straw purchase today...
  238. Russia sends warship to the Caribbean
  239. Biden, The Gift That Keeps On Giving, Again
  240. America
  241. Who's gonna Nuke who first?
  242. Ron Paul endorses Chuck Baldwin
  243. Clearing up some confusion.
  244. Lawmaker: Offer the poor sterilization incentives
  245. What do the N. Koreans want now ?
  246. Something planned??
  247. NOPD officer fired after tasing incident
  248. Father abandons his 9 kids under "safe haven" law
  249. Putin: Russia may launch nuclear cooperation with Venezuela
  250. Is buying BAD debt a good idea?