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  1. Concealed Carry Laws
  2. "On one's person"
  3. [[Official Louisiana gun laws reference thread]]
  4. Shipping of Firearms
  5. New Orleans Gun Confiscation Video
  6. concealed carry at the state fair?
  7. Tannerite
  8. here it is. the proposed new AWB.
  9. HR 1022 Online Petition
  10. DC Handgun Ban Overturned
  11. delete
  12. Please Join Senator David Vitter, Congressman Bobby Jindal, NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre...
  13. Tucker Carlson
  14. NFA Trust procedure in Louisiana?
  15. Is it worth stocking up on highcap mags?
  16. Loaded firearm in vehicle
  17. Question on FFL transfer
  18. La. knife laws?
  19. Car Jacking
  20. Booby Traps
  21. Help w/ obscure motor vehicle laws
  22. Self Defense?
  23. age for hanguns question
  24. Threaded SKS Help!
  25. Is This True
  26. firearm in vehicle
  27. Reciprocity: LA & AR
  28. Non resident purchasing
  29. Question?
  30. question
  31. In Tow
  32. Supreme Court Decisions
  33. registering firearms
  34. Vitter is good for something, I suppose.
  35. Smoking Law
  36. Warrant served on the wrong house
  37. Clarification on a law!
  38. Concealed Carry while boating
  39. Law about showing ID?
  40. LA CHPs recoginzed by Nevada now!
  41. Traveling to Tx with firearm
  42. OMG- The AG office has monkeys working there... (or used to, at least)
  43. Need A little help
  44. Finding Original Owner??
  45. Any new on the Supreme Court?
  46. Supreme Court to Hear Case!
  47. Cook County Gun Grab !
  48. A big loss today, I'm sorry Veterans...
  49. Meeting with my state representative this week to discuss firearm legislation
  50. Louisiana time limit for LSP to process CCW permit apps
  51. RE: AK Pistols
  52. School Gun Free Zones
  53. Public threatened by private-firearms ownership...
  54. Illegal?
  55. Concealed Carry on Chimes Street?
  56. Extension of your home?
  57. CCW on school grounds
  58. It is moot.
  59. Felon in the car
  60. Open carry in restaurants
  61. Militia Law
  62. Disturbing the peace
  63. LA Firearm FAQs
  64. Assault Weapons Ban
  65. Tear Gas Grenades
  66. Some advice to LEOs
  67. Terry Stop Question
  68. Pov
  69. Should torturing be legal?
  70. Permission to carry history (Animated map)
  71. Sawed off shotgun legalities...
  72. Louisiana Open carry thread over at THR
  73. Impact WEAPON
  74. FYI more posted places
  75. BATFE Frequently Asked Questions
  76. looking for laws to help fight harrassment by LEOs
  77. Carrying in truck on campus
  78. Gun Rights Question
  79. Contacts
  80. Open Carry Laws
  81. Re. Looking for laws...
  82. State AWB - Cedric is trying again!
  83. Sks Modification
  84. Emergency Help
  85. Motorcycles and Guns
  86. cross post from another forum
  87. Long gun buying
  88. OCing a taser
  89. NRA Supporting La. Concealed Handgun Legislation
  90. Any Lawyers or IANALs?
  91. What places have laws predating the preemption
  92. How many of you guys have a CCW license?
  93. You donít lose gun rights in traffic stop
  94. TinFoil Beanie Tingling!!!
  95. Search of Vehicle
  96. OK, here is the story.
  97. Interesting EBR Firearm Ordinance
  98. When would you need an FFL??
  99. Whats the difference between this and a sbr?
  100. Wal-Mart to film gun sales
  101. Possession of a Firearm On the Premises of an Alcoholic Beverage Outlet while in car
  102. HB 75 withdrawn
  103. Let's work on HR 4900
  104. I Need a Firearms Lawyer
  105. So I can carry in school zones and churches now.
  106. So I am tired of typing "IANAL"
  107. Resources Regarding Firearm Transfer Delays/Denials
  108. United States Firearms Law Reference Thread
  109. Interstate laws concerning the transport of shotguns
  110. Someone confirm Chicago Shotgun laws please
  111. CC in preschool
  112. Update on CCW Bills In Louisiana Legislature
  113. H.R. 218, under its wing...
  114. Question about NewOrleans Ticket
  115. Fire arm transfer
  116. wwl.com Poll. C/C On Campus.
  117. Traffic Violation Code?
  118. From My Senator
  119. knife carry
  120. F'in Fox 8 wvue.....
  121. Nicholls State University email
  122. employer banned firearms from personal cars :mad:
  123. Private sales of hand guns???????
  124. Help Needed,contact Your Senator/congressman
  125. CCL certification
  126. I passed!!!!
  127. Good News For Shotgun Owners !!!!
  128. Sb 51 Help Needed Please Respond
  129. Surviving police encounters videos
  130. ATF mouth breathers are at it again !
  131. SB199 Guns on Campus Back up on Agenda
  132. OC for the first time
  133. hypothetical situation
  134. louisiana firearm laws regarding minors
  135. Car carry question?
  136. HR 6257 - Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2008 (Introduced in House)
  137. SB 51 - Right To Keep Guns in Vehicles at Work
  138. SB 51 as amended just passed House
  139. SB 165 signed in
  140. SB 51 Goes to the Governor for Signature
  141. Supreme court ruled against DC gun ban
  142. I happened to see the front cover of the Advocate yesterday?????
  143. Joe Horn cleared in shooting
  144. Gonzales law suit settled
  145. how does this letter sound?
  146. We need to start writing, lift the barrel Ban
  147. SB51 and my situation. Please take a look *pic*
  148. How to hold a lawyer accountable ?
  149. Would this be considered concealed?
  150. Concealed Handgun Permit question
  151. SC resident, but live in LA
  152. Heller Denied Gun Permit
  153. CCW Lobby in Louisiana
  154. Bill of sale for firearm
  155. can't have a gun in most chemical plant parking lots??
  156. my ccw only covers handguns but.....
  157. "Bring Your Gun To Work Law" - Here's One Plant's Response
  158. Spent Two Days in Chemical Plants - Talked Guns
  159. 1000 ft. gun free zone
  160. Shipping a firearm
  161. Question about CHP application...
  162. chevron complies with sb51
  163. Emrgency lawyer?
  164. CHP change of address
  165. How the Government frames Gun Owners
  166. FFl question
  167. 10 PM Ascension cerfew, what does this mean?
  168. JSPO made three dozen arrests in Jefferson Parish during Gustav
  169. St. John Parish
  170. Gonzales settles gun-carrying manís lawsuit
  171. When Is A Gun A Gun
  172. Childers bill passes House; now on to Senate
  173. Illegal immigrant sues board patrol
  174. National Parks??
  175. GOA: Majority Leader Harry Reid is blocking a vote
  176. Is blackpowder revolver considered a firearm?
  177. Could this be an incompetent officer?
  178. "Felons, mentally ill, etc. should not have guns"
  179. Louisiana gun law FAQ Page
  180. Selling Gun is FFL needed
  181. Best way to sell an interest in property
  182. Pro-gun Lawyers practicing in in LA
  183. Weird Question...
  184. Constitutionality Of LA Concealed Carry Law
  185. Lake Charles area guys step in.
  186. OMV Guard Says It's Illegal to Carry a Digital Voice Recorder in their Office
  187. Writing to the DA
  188. Al Jazeera(independent Middle Eastern station) discussion on firearms in the U.S.
  189. Question on handgun transfer
  190. LA Law 101
  191. Private trade trouble
  192. Pistol Grip Shotgun Question
  193. State Law Prohibiting Shipment of Long Guns
  194. "Gifting" a handgun to someone under 21
  195. SB 51/Act 684, LA 32:292.1
  196. Full Faith and Credit Clause
  197. Nighclub concealed or open carry
  198. WBRZ goes to local gun range for story on gun sales
  199. The Letter Of The Law
  200. Shotgun question
  201. do you have to be 18 or 21?
  202. Travelling between states?
  203. signing a ticket
  204. Ordering a gun online...
  205. Not sure where to post
  206. Petition: Demands That the messiah Prove His Elgibility
  207. Ammunition Bill
  208. What It Is, Bro
  209. Shipping firearms
  210. Detainment By Store Personnel
  211. What is law regarding hitting a deer with a vehicle?
  212. A Matter For The Bar. Any Bar.
  213. Please delete
  214. Open Carry
  215. Advice on how to handle internet fraud
  216. how to trade legally with out of state people???
  217. FFL Application Help
  218. NON-LEO w/ Dash Cams in N.O.
  219. Show 'Em The Money When They Show Me The Door
  220. Question about CHP application..
  221. Brady Center Pays For City To Fight OC Suit
  222. must be 21+ to purchase stripped AR receiver?
  223. Its easier than we think
  224. A better revene generator!!!
  225. moonshine??
  226. GOA Alert: Free Ramos & Compean/ Bitter Clinger?
  227. LEGAL HELP!! With ATV
  228. Pennsylvania: Gun-toting woman divides community (Active Poll Attached)
  229. Internet and Real Life- Do They Collide?
  230. Self-defence
  231. Illegal CC question
  232. Do my wife and I have to do this??
  233. Traveling Abroad
  234. mag capacity
  235. Outside Every Bar Is A Gun Free Zone
  236. Property Right of Way Question-picture
  237. MMA Fighter Justin Eilers Shot Dead
  238. Just curious?
  239. modifying a drum magazine
  240. Do you ever worry?
  241. Need mag law info
  242. Aw shucks the "F" troop is running low on 4473 forms
  243. Rape and Higher Learning
  244. Eric Holder. Our next Attorney General...
  245. HR 45 - National gun licensing
  246. Action Alert, Handgun Clearance: The Maryland General Assembly 2009
  247. Two hypothetical legal questions
  248. dealer license
  249. What Would You Do?
  250. Out of state sale or trade