View Full Version : Jeffs Diary (Back to shooting)

July 26th, 2010, 12:03 AM
Served 23 years in the Army as a Tanker. Carried the 1911 and the 92. Shot very well with both. Also owned the 92SBF, a model 29, a model 687 and about 15 other decent handguns. Retired in 01, sold all my guns and stopped shooting. Decided I missed it so last week I went and bought me three new guns, a P90 Ruger 45 Auto, A 9mm S&W Sigma and a cheapo High Point 380. Took them home and familiarized myself with them. It felt good to get a gun back in my hand. So yesterday I took them to the range. Luckily I have an indoor range one block from myself (Gunshop and Range). I decided to start off at 25 yards and thats the only range I shot at. I used 3/4 size silhoutes.

First I shot the .380, I have heard and read a lot about High Point guns, a little good and most bad. But I bought one anyway. I started out 5 rounds at a time. I was able to put 15 rounds in the 5-15 point areas and one round in the orange center. Total I fired 100 rounds through it and every round was in the kill area (5-25 point area). Of the 100 rounds I had one round that didnt eject due to a crimped casing. A simple recharge kicked out the casing. I would probably use this gun as home defence if it was all I could afford. But It definitly wouldnt be my first choice. But not too bad for a 129 dollar gun.

Next I shot the S&W 9MM Sigma. 5 rounds times 3. No adjustments and all 15 rounds either in the orange center or in the 5-10 point zone. Felt pretty decent, had a pretty nice feel. I had read a review that said they had measured the trigger pull and it was 10 pounds. I didnt feel it, it was pretty light. It does have a long trigger pull but that wasnt much of a factor. I fired a total of 150 rounds and almost all were in the 5-10 point range or in the orange circle. There were a few outside rounds but were still in the kill range. All in all not a bad gun for 319 dollars.

Lastly I shot the P90. First off to me it was an extremely comfortable gun and felt really good in my hand. Like the old 1911's I carried and shot when I was in the army but better balanced and tighter. Again no adjustments. I went directly with full magazines and fired a total of 200 rounds. On that target in the first 50 rounds I was able to almost completely take out the orange center and keep every round within the 5-10 point range. It was a joy to shoot.

Once again it really felt good to get back to shooting. I will be at the range again in the morning (Monday). Fortunatly Im fully retired at age 47 and dont have a lot to do except clean house for the wife, play golf, fish and SHOOT!
I plan on buying a new gun sometime this week. Im buying a Tauras .500 Magnum from that Gun shop. Will have to find someplace to shoot it though, they only allow up to 45 Cal. on thier indoor ranges.