From this point forward,

Failure to follow marketplace guidelines can result in the removal of the thread

And no one but the original thread starter will have the ability to reply to threads in the following sections:

Firearms Classifieds
Firearm Parts & Ammo
General Outdoors / Shooting Classifieds
Land / Property Classifieds
Marketplace Bearpit
Free / Giveaway / Pay it Forward.

If you attempt to reply to someone's thread you will see this message:

If you have a question, trade offer, gripe, purchase offer, etc, you must contact the poster either via the supplied contact information or via PM.

The thread starter will still have the ability to close the thread and edit his post to mark items sold, chance pricing, etc etc.

Also, if your ad, thread, or post disappeard, you may have not put your location in your profile, or did not have a pic of said item in your ad

Failure to follow Marketplace rules can result in deletions without notice