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    picked up 2 Daniel defense ddm4v7SLW's

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    My 6.5 grendel vie six8 recivers and mags
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    Mega arms 6.8spcII wth bison arms barrel
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    A couple of my AR's.

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    All or nothing

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    AR Pictures Thread!

    Lol Perez!

    Here’s my latest build. Yeah, I drank the Creedmore Koolaid I reckon. I mean shucks, why not?
    I had just built a precision .308 rifle and then here comes the 6.5 Creedmore, so instead of being smart and going bolt action, I went AR on its ass...

    The fat 20 inch Ballistic Advantage barrel brings it to
    11 pounds even... so, I figure I’ll bolt an Atlas bipod under the forend and tie a rope to it. Use it for a boat anchor.

    Gotta say I’m pleased with the performance for what I have in it. Shooting off a bag at 600 with a decent Hornady load it’s a tack driver. Coefficient and drop on the 6.5 is some better than the .308 rounds I’m used to at longer ranges and it’s apparent. Decided to give Athalon a shot and the 27x is a good match for this rifle I think. Gonna reach out a couple hundred yards more next trip. And use the sled!
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    Got this in today.

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    AR-15 in 6.5 Grendel

    Here's my Grendel ... with stainless forearm being constructed.
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Name:	6.5 build w stainless forearm in progress.jpg 
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