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    Quote Originally Posted by penguin View Post

    Does that Ar count?
    Only if your injured client needs a cat scan...
    Truth is not Racist, Facts are not Hate!

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    Pain is temporary

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    Be nice and be courteous, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

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    nice safe.

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    Redneck with a gun!

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    My DPMS.

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    Mag Whore

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmiculek View Post
    Donnie, you dont happen to have an extra green sling like that you want to part with do you?

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    Sorry, I do not. I am also looking for few more. If you find any at a reasonable price let me know and I'll do the same for you.

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    3 Gun / F Class Player

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    Attachment 1331Here's my babies, (top) 3 gun competition rifle - Rock River Lower / 2 stage match trigger, 16" Olympic Arms Ultra Match barrel, A1 buttstock, JP forearm and shortrange sight, Weaver V3 Scope, (middle) tactical defense implement Bushmaster / Olympic Arms, 11.5 barrel 5.5 pinned flash hider (bottom) - Essential Arms Lower -future highpower build - DPMS CMP Upper being built to custom specs
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    USAF Desert Storm Vet, SSGT (A-10 Tech / Crew Chief

    NRA certified Range Safety Officer, Basic Pistol (CHP) & Personal Protection Instructor

    USPSA/ISPSC, 3-GUN, IDPA, NRA F Class -Precision Tactical Rifle Competitor. NRA Life Member, LSA,

    God Bless the USA

    Thank a vet for your freedom -
    Thank JESUS, for paying a debt he didn't owe, because you owed a debt you couldn't pay

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    Top: M&P with Larue mount with Aimpoint CompM2.
    Middle: RRA Tactical Entry - Obama purchase, never fired (yet).
    Bottom: Bushmaster with Trijicon Reflex
    Jesus carries a Glock - nolacopusmc

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