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    The Zebra

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    The Official Rimfire Pic Thread

    I know this is in the rifles section but we don't have a rimfire section so I didn't know where to put it. Include handguns too until we get a dedicated rimfire section. I'll start:

    Savage FV-SR in a Boyd's Tacticool stock
    Konus 4-16x40 scope
    Silencerco Sparrow SS
    Atlas bipod and Triad Tactical stock pack

    4.5" dedicated AR upper (modified CMMG conversion kit and custom barrel)
    Daniel Defense handguard
    Burris Fast Fire 3 in a Burris A3 riser mount
    Silencerco Sparrow SS

    Tactical Solutions Glock 22lr conversion upper for Glock 22
    Silencerco Sparrow SS

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    Sic semper tyrannis

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    Greco, love that set up. The boyds stock will be on mine as well. Mine is currently sporting a basic BSA Sweet 22 3-9x40. I need a sunshade!

    Had an original High Standard Derringer in 22 mag.

    My 15-22 with slidefire and now has a Timney 4lb skeltonized trigger. The eotech/mag combo were only there for display purposes.

    My 10-22 in a Marauder stock kit. The kits gonna go soon and Itll be time to reconfigure the ruger.

    I miss this one i had...Iver Johnson M1 carbine 22 LR. It was very well made.

    22/45 TACTICOOL
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    The Official Rimfire Pic Thread

    Nothing fancy here. Just my stock 10/22 with a Simmons Whitetail 3-9 x 40. My only rimfire for now. Had it since the early 90's. My first rifle and second gun to own.

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    Go away,Batin...

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    First two are Anschutz 1413 Super Match 54 and a 1410 Match 54. The 1410 now sports a weaver t36 scope. I have all the factory butplates, palm rests, set triggers, etc for these guns and they shoot great. The last is one I no longer have, but was a good shooter and a neat rifle. BSA Martini mk3 international. This gun loved wolf MT for some reason, shot it better than 10x which the gun was designed for. Sadly I sold it off as I did not like the single stage trigger nor the way it felt in in prone.
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    Only rimfire pic I have, my 10/22 black laminate w/Vortex 2-7.

    Also have the Marlin 60 I got when I was 10, and an ISSC MK22 (mini Glock) that my wife has claimed as her own.

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    Mag Whore

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    Jgreco, what exactly was needed to out your FV-SR in that stock? I want one, but have heard the factory action screws are too short, and new longer ones are needed. Just want to make sure I order everything at once.

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    The Zebra

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard in LA View Post
    Jgreco, what exactly was needed to out your FV-SR in that stock? I want one, but have heard the factory action screws are too short, and new longer ones are needed. Just want to make sure I order everything at once.
    I contacted Savage and had to order some parts since the original stock has an integrated trigger guard. You will need a new trigger guard, new bottom metal and bottom metal screws. I ordered the action screws but the originals worked just fine.

    Savage part numbers needed to change to the Boyd's Tacticool stock:

    #100264- rear trigger guard screw 5/32 hex

    #105757- trigger guard hi-luster (This is the high luster. I asked for the matte black when I was on the phone with Savage and they referenced the luster number and found it for me)

    #108015- magazine plate MkII e-receiver, black oxide

    #700688- mag plate screw, blued

    #106875- take down screw Boyds stock, 2 required (these are the same that came on my synthetic stock FV-SR)

    Everything was $40 shipped from Savage. I don't know the part number for the matte trigger guard.

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    "It's no big deal,...."

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    A beautiful Victor I traded out of a while back, still a beauty.....makes good rimfire porn.......

    I never met a deadly weapon that I didn't like.

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    You can't fix stupid

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    Red Jacket ZK-22 Stock
    Green Mountain 20'' Bull Barrel
    Vortex Sparc Red dot

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    She started out as a $5.00 yard-sale box of parts with no wood. Everything was there but the stock. I took it to my shop and fabricated the pistol-grip receiver and "wire" folding stock out of sheet steel, and exhaust pipe and a 1/4" steel rod and scrap nuts, bolts, a fender shim and brazed it all up with an oxy/acetylene torch. The Mag-Light mount I later machined out of aluminum at the Louisiana Tech University Machine Shop. The sight is an old Aim Point off of a shotgun.

    Believe it or not, she shoots GREAT and I can ring the 9" gong 18 out of 18 rounds @ 100 yards off a bag with her!

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