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    22/45 MK-III Target Model

    Exact Edge Extractor,
    SureStrike Firing Pin,
    Target hammer,
    Target sear,
    Target trigger w/ over-travel screw, return trigger plunger spring and polished plunger,
    V-Comp Compensator,
    Titanium Disconnecter.

    Mag disconnect removed using Sam's hammer bushing and I installed bpatza @'s Loaded Chamber Indicator (LCI) Cover.

    Grips and Mag Bumpers by TechTeach @

    Hammer bushing from Sam Lam @

    Cocking Handle by Brian Alcaraz, @

    LCI Cover from bpatza at RFC, Bruce patza, N863 lawn Rd, Seymour WI. 54165.

    I Throated her and polished the feed ramp too.

    The trigger is MUCH lighter and breaks nice and clean with NO creep and no over-travel. Once I adjusted the take-up as far as I could and still get reliable reset I am left with about 1/32" take-up before you feel resistance then she breaks like glass at maybe a pounds pressure! I doubt I will be making any changes to the setup from this point on other than a special set of grips I have coming!

    I have a total of only $258.43 in her not counting the original cost of the gun and Red Dot which was $350 so the total investment is $608.43 and well worth every penny to me!


    Product: Volquartsen Accurizing Kit MK III - Silver
    Product Code: VC3AK-S
    Price: $92.50

    Product: Volquartsen Bolt Tune-Up Kit Ruger MKI, MKII, MKIII
    Product Code: VC3FE
    Price: $27.95
    1505GH, Ruger Stainless Steel V-Comp Muzzle Break, $49.99
    Shipping cost, $5.99

    bjtraz's Slide Racker, bjtraz @ RFC 22/45 $33.00 shipped.

    Grips and Mag Bumpers by TechTeach @,

    Sam's (sg552-2) Hammer Bushing: $10US Shipped. send cash, or an international money order.
    Sam []

    LCI Cover from bpatza at RFC:
    Shipment once per wk. Preferred payment money order, others excepted, no problem so far.
    Send payment with request to Bruce patza, N863 lawn Rd, Seymour WI. 54165.
    Regular stainless steel, $18.00 with tracking $19.00
    Beadblasted stainless, $19.00 " " $20.00
    Hot Blued carbon steel, $21.00 " " $22.00
    Shipping to the lower 48 encluded
    Set screw, allen wrench, 220 gr. alum.oxide for minor fitting, instruction info. encluded.
    please add your contact information so I can contact you if there is a problem or question with your order
    Just a note, bead blasted is NOT a factory finish on ruger MKs. It is an aftermarket finish.
    Matte blued for the new ruger barrel is ready to go for$22 or $23 with tracking

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    master plinker

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    10/22 tacticool from ruger
    Bushnell 3-9x optic

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Magnum Research 22 WMR

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    Jedi Knight

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcm192 View Post
    Greco, love that set up. The boyds stock will be on mine as well. Mine is currently sporting a basic BSA Sweet 22 3-9x40. I need a sunshade!

    Had an original High Standard Derringer in 22 mag.

    My 15-22 with slidefire and now has a Timney 4lb skeltonized trigger. The eotech/mag combo were only there for display purposes.

    My 10-22 in a Marauder stock kit. The kits gonna go soon and Itll be time to reconfigure the ruger.

    I miss this one i had...Iver Johnson M1 carbine 22 LR. It was very well made.

    22/45 TACTICOOL
    That 22/45 is funny as hell.

    Great gun without the silliness on it.

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    I'm kind of a big deal

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    Ok so this one isn't mine but I will have one just like it as soon as my stamp is approved. Sometime around May 2014

    This is an integrally suppressed S&W M&P 15-22 build by our very own Rockmup. This particular rifle was a donation at the Pelican State Friends of the NRA banquet and netted a $1700 bid. It's a fantastic rifle, super quiet and a great way to control the neighborhood feral cat population.

    Anyone who may be considering a suppressed rimfire should give Todd a call. You will be very pleased.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cat View Post
    And heaven forbid one side gets an extra swat! A girl just doesn't feel balanced without an equal sting.

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    Stainless 10/22


    I really enjoy shooting this pair of 22's.

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    F@ck Me Right?

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    A few more

    Here's a few of mine.
    The picture is missing my Ruger Single Six with magnum and regular cylinders. My brothers using it to shoot snakes at his place in the country. Also a S&W 22 revolver my eighty two year old mom has at her house for protection.

    Still lokking for a couple more. Up next on my list is a Ruger Mark I, II or III. Any body got one they would be willing to part with?

    22's ROCK!!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Totally rebuilt '80 Glenfield model 60 with Tech Sights...I have $260 into a $150 (new) rifle..Lol!...scary accurate for a semi auto

    Marlin XT-22 with an Mueller APV (4-14x40) chopped/recrowned at 17"

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    Here are a couple that I have pictures of:

    Winchester 1890 slide action 22 short only
    H&R Model 929 22LR

    Not much tactical

    Click image for larger version. 

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