Valued BayouShooter Members,

Today we have implemented a new feature that will help us fight spam, trolling, and the various evils that have plagued our forum. Effective immediately a new moderation infraction / warning system will be in place and will be used. This new system will benefit moderators and members alike. At its base, the infraction system is an advanced set of tools that allow moderators to more effectively control and protect the forums while ensuring that all members stick to the rules and code of conduct of the forum.

Previously, if a user acted maliciously towards the forum or towards other users here, the moderating staff had little means to deal with the situation. In instances where users broke rules or acted offensively towards other forum member, multiple moderators would try to rectify the situation without knowing that another team member had already dealt with it. The new system gives our team members the tools they need to ensure that these problems no longer exist. From here on forward, any moderator contact in an 'official' way will be documented where both the user and the staff members can see exactly what transpired. No longer will mental tallies of defiance towards the rules or towards other members be kept which means there will be no 'unjust' banning of users and no rash decisions.

The infraction system is a point based system where every time a user breaks a forum rule, a moderator can select the event and choose to give the user / offender an infraction point. After a certain number of points have been received by a user, a ban will automatically be placed and then will automatically expire within a set timeframe (listed below). Moderators have been instructed to give infraction points for certain situations on the board and will follow their set rules strictly. In addition to the set circumstances that moderators must issue infraction points for, there are certain situations where moderators are allowed to have leeway when deciding whether or not to give an infraction. If they choose to, they may issue a documented warning instead. This warning will go through the same system and will be logged just as an infraction would, with the only difference being that no infraction point is given. This warning method will work to 'remind' users of the boards rules and help ensure that the forum runs smoothly.

If you receive an infraction from a team member, please realize that they are acting only as instructed to in order to maintain the awesomeness that is BayouShooter. An infraction does not mean that said team member has anything 'against' you as a person - they are just helping you stick to the rules. Also, a single infraction is not the end of the world as we understand that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Please note that if you have an issue with an infraction, your first step should be to politely private message the team member who issued it. If the result you wish for is not received, please PM an administrator to discuss the situation.

The whole point of this system is to keep BayouShooter as awesome as it can be. We do not want people trolling the forums, posting classified ads with lacking information, or general misconduct towards other users or towards the staff that makes the board look bad.

Point breakdown:
3 infraction points = 3 day temporary ban
5 infraction points = 7 day temporary ban
6 infraction points = 10 day temporary ban
>6 infraction points = Administrator discretion

You may always view your Warning / Infraction history by going to your profile (by clicking your name in any post or at the top right of the forum) and clicking the "Infractions" tab. If you have none, the tab will not be visible.

If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to drop me a PM. If you see any defiant activity on the board, please use the 'report post' button at the bottom left of the post so we can get to it faster.