Should be pretty straight forward, but if you've got any questions let me know. If I see enough people struggling with the same issue I'll edit this to add/clarify.

Step by step guide to uploading images to bayoushooter.

Go to
Click the button that says "Choose file"

Find the image on your computer and select it.

After selecting the image, the name of the image should appear next to the "Choose file" button. If so, select the upload button and complete the capacha/word game/watch the advertisement.

After uploading the image to you should now see a web URL address for the picture.

Highlight the URL and press both the "ctrl" and "C" keys at the same time. Once you've done this you are ready to go back to Once you've returned to the thread you wish to post the image in, find the image button and click it.

After clicking the image button a box will pop up for you to paste the URL for the image. Click the field and press the "ctrl" and "v" keys at the same time. After the URL pops into the box press "OK"

The end result should look something like this.