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    Can you easily make a dirt bike street legal in Louisiana?

    I'm considering a dual sport motorcycle. It will be ridden 90%+ off road. Im 6'5" tall and I want a bike that will be comfortable for long trail rides. I've looked at the 650's (XR, KLR, DR, etc.) and they seem awfully heavy compared to the dirt only counterparts. The 250 cc versions all looked too small. I haven't been on a motorcycle since I had an XR200 in '94. So everything I think I want is what I learned from the web.
    It ssees that buying a CRF450 and making it street legal may be the best option if possible.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, is the Bonne Carrie spillway open for offload vehicle use?

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    My first stop would be the dmv to see what paperwork is needed to title and register the vehicle. Then you would have to install all the safety items to have it inspected. Stuff like turn signals and a light for the license plate would be difficult to install. I don't think I have ever see it done.

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    Anyone know if this kit makes the dirt bike street legal in LA?

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    You'll have to get with the DMV or Local Dealer(may help)
    to find out what you will need to be legal.

    Head Lights and Tail lights, are the minimum.
    Some states are strict about the type of tires and also specifically require MIRRORS! Some don't.

    So until you find out what's required, you won't be able to know which Dual-Sport Kit to get.

    This kit provides everything but mirrors pretty much.

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    you need an odo in la as well.

    but i plated a 2008 ktm 200ex 2 stroke here. just got the title, got it insured, took the insurance and title to the dmv and told them i needed plates. they know nothing about bikes.

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    I think you need a building permit for any kind of street to be legal.
    I do not consent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troy_mclure View Post
    you need an odo in la as well.

    but i plated a 2008 ktm 200ex 2 stroke here. just got the title, got it insured, took the insurance and title to the dmv and told them i needed plates. they know nothing about bikes.
    That still doesn't make it street legal. Needs to have an inspection sticker. And even with an inspection sticker, if an officer deems it unsafe to be operated on the highway, he will ticket you and have it towed.

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    Does Honda make a super moto version with that motor? If so, it'll be Street legal and only a tire and wheel swap will make it dirt.

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    Hummmmm???? Since when are dirt bikes not street legal?

    Seems like them and 4 wheelers are street legal, I see them being ridden all over the back roads.

    Especially, with three or four young kids on one 4 wheeler.........

    God Bless America:}
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    No offense, but pretty much all of the info in this thread is wrong or incomplete.

    I have made several bikes dirt bikes street legal, one of them an XR650R. The DMV is not likely to be of any help, unless you find somebody there who knows the details of this procedure. There is quite a bit of a grey area, depending on who you get. One of my bikes required a police officer to verify numbers, the other ones didn't involve any police.

    The very key parts are a valid title (yes, off road bikes have titles, too), fulfilling the technical requirements (hi/lo lights, indicators, horn, mirrors, DOT legal tires) and passing a state inspection (before you get plates. Yes they will fail you for not having plates, but without inspection you can't get plates). It's complicated, non-standard, and requires stamina on your part. But it most certainly can be done.

    I did my last bike a few years ago and frankly can't remember all the details. If you want to talk, send me a PM.

    Honestly, with what's available today, you'd be much better off getting a modern dual sport. Less headache. Some of the brands (KTM being one) are so close to their off road only competition bikes, there really is no point.

    My XR650R. Yes, a bicycle mirror and a battery powered bicycle speedometer do fulfill the letter of the law. I get stopped occasionally for my license plate being hard to read... These days I no longer ride on the streets, but having a plate is nifty for dirt road expeditions and connecting offroad trails. Or just getting off the trail for some food and gas.

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