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    NBC = Non Bipod Cut

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    "It's no big deal,...."

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    I'm partial to the Coonan's over the Entreprise rec.or Imbel as my favorite...
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    What could be better then an Imbel kit on an Imbel receiver. Imbel receivers may be a bit harder to come by, but there aren't any better made.

    Imbel, DSA, then Coonan

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    I'm in on Black Elks group buy for a Pars Imbel receiver. You guys are making me feel better about the pesos spent on that receiver.

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    Got my kit in and it's covered in cosmoline but in great shape (from what I can tell). Finish on barrel to flash hider around 50%. On the lower it's upwards to 70%. All parts there including locking shoulder. I also had ordered a Coonan type II metric receiver from Coonan. I've got the tools, a few extra locking shoulders and access to a shop press that can handle the 12.5 tons pressure on the barrel vise blocks. Now to find a gallon of varsol to clean the kit up.......

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    Hey guys - new geezer here. I got mine in the mail last week - Oscar, the correct rcvr for these kits would be a type 3, the Enterprise rcvrs come in a second, to the Dan Coonan (DCI) rcvr, in consistency, or so consensus over at the falfiles indicates - or you can search for a genuine Imbel rcvr - but that will cost you.
    I got the GP's build dvd's, and intend to roll this kit as my first - when time and the tax man allows, that is. The barrel with my kit looks a bit dodgey, but it might be just cosmolene and copper in the crevice, as it were. It needs a real cleaning but so far I have my doubts, thankfully I have another.
    Brazillian made Fals, sold to Chile and held up, in import, by authorities for quite sometime, thats what the current crop is, or so I've gleamed. The prior Brazillian batch of Imbel kits were, worn and battered but hardly fired, so the barrels were good, chromed both bore and chamber, if i remember - as to these, I would imagine they'd be also - should be very good shooters. The Fal in all it's incarnations is a fine implement indeed!
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    Thanks, knew it has been a long time since these kits were available for less than $400. I am in the middle of finishing an Izzy clone carbine on a Conan receiver. Need a few nice days that I can get out to my shop and finish. I have an Imbel receiver that I bought on a Falfiles group buy last year for this kit. I still haven't cleaned this one up to see how the barrel looks either.
    I haven't built on an Enterprise receiver yet, I have a Brit cut receiver that I bought from them for my L1A1 kit and it looks OK. Machining on outer cuts not perfect but I can live with it, inside ramps look OK.

    Your right about using Imbel receiver on Imbel kit, the one pictured at the left is mine from previous build.
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    Well I got my shipping notice yesterday for the kit. Problem was they had fat fingered the zip code so it was going to a different city. Called them to let them know. They said they would contact ups and take care of it. Today I got a shipping cancelation from ups but not another shipping notice. We shall see what happens. I also got in on that imbel receiver group buy. Those won't ship out until April though. So maybe an Ak build or sbr ar build in the meantime.

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    Finally received my PARS Imbel receiver. This was my second group buy participation and both were a test of patience. I think this receiver will be the most rewarding. Now if John Glover AKA Moses will ever get my FAL brake done I will have all the components for a 922R compliant rifle.
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