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    Fed. Court Rules Wearing Unearned Medals Is a Crime

    Stars and Stripes|Oct 31, 2014
    Lying about receiving a military medal is protected speech,
    but there's no right to wear a combat decoration that hasn't been earned,
    a federal appeals court said Wednesday.

    The difference,
    said a divided panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals,
    is that lying is speech, but wearing a medal is conduct

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    wait. those yahoo's actually passed a useful law that makes sense?

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    Somewhere in Georgia, Jimmy Carter is ecstatic. You can almost imagine him strolling along melodiously muttering, "I'm number two."

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    Congress has since rewritten the law to prohibit lying about military honors for financial gain, while repealing the ban on wearing medals one hasn't earned. But the repeal didn't help Swisher, whose conviction under the former law was upheld Wednesday.
    Looks like nothing has changed to me. He is getting popped because he received benefits from it. Not because he wore the medals.

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    Fed. Court Rules Wearing Unearned Medals Is a Crime

    Just because lying is protected speech, doesn't make it acceptable.

    People that lie about their military service are worthless garbage.


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    So all TSA guards are now guilty of impersonating a federal officer?

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    Not a Fed.

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    The problems we face today are
    there because the people who work
    for a living are outnumbered by those
    who vote for a living.

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    Good deal!

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