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    Quote Originally Posted by aroundlsu View Post
    I've added a CAT tourniquet and a professional lock pick kit to my EDC backpack. Since I've learned to pick open locks I've used my kit dozens of times for totally legit reasons.
    What have you used lockpicks for? Just curious.
    -- Austin

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    Quote Originally Posted by SemperTy View Post
    So itís been a while. Have you added or subtracted from your edc.
    Me, I carry a j frame with at least two reloads a flashlight and some kind of lock back knife and a SAK of some kind. A handkerchief is a must and of course a smartphone with an extremely large monthly bill attached.
    Hahahaha.. yes.
    I have basically the same edc.. I'd also add, I keep a spare set of flip flops in my travel bag.

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