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    Question on finish wear from holsters....

    Was thinking about this and wanted to hear from you guys/gals who draw their weapons on a regular basis from training/job/plinking around. In terms of finish wear to the pistol, which type of material seems to be the friendliest--leather, plastic (like on fobus), or kydex? I have always been under the impression that a leather that is smoothed on the inside with some type of oil would be the kindest....Tell me your experiences please!!

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    In my experience, kydex wears the fastest but in very small areas as most good kydex holsters get all their retention in the trigger guard area so there's little slide wear. Leather takes longer to wear, but wears larger areas. Easily the most wear friendly holster are the suede lined Safariland holsters, but they are of limited application.

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    Bought a nice leather holster awhile back and parked a stainless colt q1911 in it. I pulled outta safe recently a wouldn't u know the thumb snap strap left a snap mark on the side of the slide. Believe it was electrolysis or ? That caused this that won't come out

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    I want to say Nsr tactical makes holsters with suede liners.

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