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    I despise ARFCOM

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    In case of a hurricane I probably won't be home much for several weeks . Wife will work extended hours too . Gas for the generator and meds . Most meals will be provided by employer . Really not much preparation other than the basics .
    I tried being normal once , I didn't like it .

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    What is the first thing you do when preparing for a hurricane?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol_Pollack View Post
    What is the first thing you do when preparing for a hurricane?
    Increase my supply of toilet paper.

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    toilet paper, spam, smoked vienna sausage and BEER
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    Motorhome has a full tank of fuel & 100 gals. of water, food, drinks, etc. If we stay home plenty of bottled water, food, meds., gas for generator. Weapons for everyone who is here to deter looters.

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    I make sure there's enough food for 2 weeks. Whiskey & ammo is a no brainer.

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    Food, fresh water, medications, first aid equipment, fuel (gas, propane, etc.), cash, arms and ammo.

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