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    Quote Originally Posted by Martman300 View Post
    I wear mine almost everyday.

    I like it for a couple reasons.

    1) Its awesome when you are driving and using the map feature, instead of having to watch a GPS or your phone, your wrist vibrates when you need to do something

    2) its nice at work, I can leave my phone inside on the desk, and still take calls on my watch. No, it isn’t the cell version it uses wifi. I have the series 3 watch, doesn’t offer a cell option.

    3) the activity tracker, I link it to my healthy account at work, we actually get paid up to $300 a year for this.

    4) I sleep with it on, it tracks my sleep, it also is my alarm clock.

    5) It watches your heart, I had it wake me up 1 night when it detected a spike or something in my heartbeats. A potential heart attack I read.

    Very many features, it’s incorporated into my lifestyle now.

    This is not even to mention getting texts on you watch, so you don’t have to constantly have you phone, or constantly look at it like so many people do.

    you can also ping you phone if you misplace your phone.

    For my, it’s worth the price of admission.

    #2 is the reason I like it. I have the series 3 as well. Got it refurb when the series 4 was out. But the series 3 has a cellular option. I opted for it because my desk is may car and I can't count on wifi everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedStickChick View Post
    One of the guys I know has one and ~*~ LOVES ~*~ it. I mean he always raves about it. IDGAF about it though, I personally think is stupid BUT THAT'S JUST ME DON'T MAKE YOUR DECISION ON MY LOWLY OPINION.

    Five years later and I love my Apple Watch Series 3
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    Thinking we have 2 around here,I never fooled with it,The wife on the other hand did.
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