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    Cool Semi auto shotgun?

    Looking for a semi auto for hunting and a little sport shooting here and there. Really like the Beretta A400 but also considering a few benelli's as well as the franchi intensity. Really wanting some opinions on them. I've put my hands on a few and liked them all. This will be my first semi and hopefully will last me a long time. Any input is helpful, thanks

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    I've been shopping Shotguns as well but we're probably looking at different price brackets from the looks of it. I shot a friend's A400 and it was absolutely great, cycled cheapest 2 3/4" shells we could find and 3" duck loads just fine.

    I've shot one Benelli semi, I don't recall which one but for a semi auto gun it kicked like a mule.

    I'm shopping either the A300 or the new Remington V3 once it actually starts showing up.

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    a400 extreme all the way!!!! I have a couple buddys with the super vinci and sbe2, and the old extreema 2, every now and then we play around and switch up guns in the blind just to change it up a little, it is very obvious how much more felt recoil the benelli's have!!! I have had my a400 for prob 4 seasons, have used old rusty shotgun shells from the salt water or last year and have never had one hang up... don't believe I remember the benelli's hanging up either... but just because of the recoil diff. I would choose beretta all day long, watch some youtube videos, the a400 also claims to be the fastest semi on the market

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    I have a Benelli SBE 2, a franchi, a Remington 1100 and a few pumps of different favors.

    the franchi is the best shooter, the Benelli kicks hard but is tough (as long as the magazine tube nut stays tight) and my field gun. I would take a franchi or Benelli any day.
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    I would take a franchi or Benelli any day.

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    Semi auto shotgun?

    I shot an A400 with a kick-off system at a sporting clays event several years back and said to myself, "This is the next auto loading shotgun I will buy." Granted, we were shooting low brass shells...but, it was so smooth, I didn't even notice the gun cycling the rounds...something I was accustomed to "feeling" shooting 1100's and A-5's.

    Last year, had the opportunity to pick one up for a deal too good to pass up. It is one sweet shooter!

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    The A400 is good if you shoot alot of magnum loads as it is much better on recoil. The inertia drive guns like Benelli, franchi, and the a5 are probably going to be a little more forgiving as far as maintenance. For example..if you drop a inertia gun in the mud on the way to the blind the field serviceability should be much easier to maintain in comparison to the more complex gas operated guns. Also the physical weight of the inertia driven guns will be lighter. Just depends on recoil vs maintenance vs weight. Just a few factors to consider.
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    I have a Beretta 391 Xtrema with a kickoff that is a joy to shoot and reliable as the day is long.

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    I have a browning maxus. I love it. I had an extrema and extrema 2 but I prefer my maxus. Points well for me eats skeet loads to steel shot. No problem.

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    In my autos I. have Beretta 303's, 390's, a 391, and an A400. I also have an Benelli SBEII. I have had Remingtons, Franchis, and Brownings. I prefer the gas operated guns because of their weight, it helps with my follow-through. The Benelli, although a fine gun, seems like I am waving a broomstick it is so light.

    For waterfowl I use a synthetic 390 with a wood 390 as backup. For clays I have the 391. For dove the A400 in 20ga. Quail, Pheasant, Grouse, Woodcock are all hunted with Browning Citori 16 or 28ga O/U's or a Remmie 870 410 bore.

    Recoil operated guns shoot harder as most have noted here but are easier to keep clean. Gas ops shoot soft, swing well but need more intensive maintenance. Your choice. With the wide range of guns and prices I am sure you will find one that fits your needs, but remember, you get what you pay for.


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