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    Quote Originally Posted by Hattrick 22 View Post
    I also carry an RM with a 0 cant.

    I've converted over to appendix even though it's not for everyone.

    The only thing I'd like to change on my RM holster is for the kydex to cover the mag release as well (that's just me being picky though) it's still a great holster because it's so simple.
    I've used one before and thought it was junk.

    I buy everything from NSR tactical now.

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    Long live the 10mm

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    I've used the Crossbreed "SperTuck" IWB & "Freedom Carry" IWB and Alien Gear "ShapeShift Core Carry Pack" they are all nice holsters. The Alien Gear to me was more comfortable than the Crossbreed SperTuck. I love the "ShapeShift Ankle Holster" when I wear more formal attire without a jacket. ShapeShift Ankle Holster is the best Ankle Holster I've owned and does not move (you can run, jump, stays in place). I will say that right now my favorite IWB holster is the "Low Rider" IWB from RM Holsters. It's not pretty but it's not meant to be seen anyway. It holds my weapon securely in place and it is so easy to put on and take off. The "Low Rider" is by far the most comfortable IWB holster I own. I highly recommend anyone looking for a comfortable, secure and easy on/off IWB holster to go to and get the "Low Rider". At $60.00 it is the lowest priced of the ones I own and my favorite. - Paintball

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    Long live the 10mm

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    This is a video of the Alien Gear ankle holster I mentioned above.

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    La. CHP Instructor #409

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    Silk Custom Kydex in Walker. Jasari on this forum.

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    Tier1Concealed. Appendix Carry. Super Comfy.

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