I've noticed a lot of chatter about CHP topics lately on different forums so figured I would post up something about up coming training opportunities coming down the pipe with Advantage Group.

With all the CHP talk lately I figured I would bring up some training opportunities that are coming down the pipe with Advantage Group Training.

These are great opportunities for students to proof their EDC gear and validate their choices off a square range.

These are also fantastic opportunities for instructor development.

First we have Ron Sable coming in the middle of October for a 2 day class .

Ron spent 25 years in the Army with 23 years in the SF community. His work routinely required him to carry a pistol in politically sensitive environments. Ron spent time in and out of operational and training assignments.

I had the chance to train with Rob at a Shivworks AMIS class. His experience brings a lot to the table.

You can read more about his course work and/or sign up for his class HERE

The second opportunity would be an up coming Shivworks class hosted by Advantage Group. We have gotten enough people qualified locally to take his VCAST curriculum so Craig is coming down in December to put it on. For those of you not familiar with Craig Douglass, shame on you. You will need ECQC course work as a prereq for VCAST. VCAST is 24 hours of instruction over 3 days.

The ShivWorks Vehicle Combatives and Shooting Tactics (VCAST) course is a twenty-four hour block of instruction focused on developing combative functionality with firearms and empty hand skills in and around vehicles. The coursework is contextually underscored for the problems an armed citizen might possibly face from criminal activity. VCAST is a high liability course due to the nature of the developmental drills and evolutions.This course will be utilizing non operable vehicles intended to be shot, and running condition vehicles not intended to be shot but will be damaged during the class. Student vehicles will also be used during the class in certain non-hazardous to damage portions of the class.

For more information on VCAST, click HERE

A third opportunity coming in November would be something that we've added to the Advantage Group victim proofing curriculum entitled "Carjacking". Part seminar per force on force addressing carjacking; first from a recognition and avoidance perspective and finally as a kinetic problem. Air-soft pistols are used as a force on force tool to lend an aspect of realism to the scenario portion of the class.

For more information or to enroll click HERE

Look forward to seeing you guys on the range!