Okay, so my iPad was stolen from my truck in Houston a couple of weeks ago. I bought another one from a guy off of the app "let go". I got the serial number and IMEI number from him. Had my friend run the serial number, it wasn't stolen. Ran the IEMI number on swappa, it was not black listed. I met him and made sure the iPad worked. It worked fine, I checked the settings to see if he had iCloud or find my iphone enabled. He didnt. After he left I tried to do a factory reset of the device. When it reset it said this iPad is locked via find my iphone. I tried contacting the seller with no luck. I've called apple asking to contact the original owner so i can give them this ipad back. They can't help me return it to the user. Called my LEO friend, he said he can't track them b/c it was never reported stolen. So I've basically tried the right thing and can't do it. Now I have a $180 paper weight. Does anyone know how else I can contact the real owner? Does anyone know if this can be bypassed?

Even if I have to eat $180 and give this back to the original owner, I'll sleep a lot better. Knowing my iPad was just stolen, I hope someone would do the same.

I appreciate your help.