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    Quote Originally Posted by stinkysix View Post
    I have been shooting the CCI 22 Suppressor rounds, 970 fps, 45 gr hollowpoint, drops them clean. And just as accurate as Wolf match

    I have been dropping squirrels past 100 yards with front shoulder and head shots
    I have a "suppressed" Gamo that shoots right at 950 fps. Haven't tried it on a squirrel yet though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AustinBR View Post
    I have a "suppressed" Gamo that shoots right at 950 fps. Haven't tried it on a squirrel yet though!
    I have 2 in .22 cal, my old RWS and one of the Benjamin Nitro piston rifles. They are both pretty effective with the "crow magnum" heavy weight pellets but nowhere near as effective as my .22 cal rifles.
    I've had quite a few squirrels run after a good hit if it's not a head shot.
    The only thing my pellet rifles have over my .22's is the cheaper cost to shoot and they are heavier and louder...
    Contrary to popular belief, a head shot is not necessarily a guaranteed kill shot....but it sure does take the fight out of 'em.

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    I have one of those Small Game Bullet tools that you put a 22LR round in it and can file a flat tip consistently on the bullet nose making it into a SWC bullet with 2 heights that can be filed. Definitely makes them more effective over round nose lead bullets for hunting. It works on the CCI Quiet 22's. You could make one with a stack of washers for the 22. I have made them with washers for filing a flat tip on 9mm and 380 ammo for more effective FMJ performance and a lot cheaper than buying hollowpoint ammo for game dispatch or eradication.


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